My name is Alex and I work for Mozy


Meet Alex: Avid sports enthusiast, future triathlete, and one of Mozy’s BI engineers



What you do at Mozy I help Mozy make the best business decisions based on the data from our products. I create reports and dashboards to visualize the data. I also manage and keep the BI servers and services running.

I define my workspace as…

Anywhere I am able to VPN into work; most of the time that’s from the office and home. If something breaks, it needs to be fixed. As long as I have a nice view of the mountains and a cold Mountain Dew, I’m good to work.

A device I can’t live without….


When I arrive at work, I typically start my day off by…. 

I first check if there is anything urgent or broken and get those resolved. Then I check the health/status of all the Business Intelligence servers and services and make sure that everything is running the way it’s supposed to. After that, I start working on Redmine ticket and requests.

My work routine is….

I don’t like to do the same things over and over, day after day. However, that can’t be avoided all the time. I like to find something new to learn every day and apply that to what I do. That helps change the routine, improves my work, and makes every day different from the day before.

I do/do not listen to music at work and it helps me work better because….

I listen to music as often as I can; however, part of my job requires talking to people and it’s a little hard to listen to a conversation with my headphones on…

The best advice I can give a recent college graduate looking to do what I do is …

Get a good education and make sure that the degree is in something you enjoy.  Somewhere along the way you will discover among all of your classes that there is a topic that you enjoy more. Take classes in that subject and learn more about it. If you still like it, take more time to learn. Several careers have certain areas of specialization. It also helps to meet people who are already working in that field. Talk to them, ask questions, and also ask for advice. You would be surprised by how much people are willing to help you.

Outside of work, I am passionate about… Snowboarding and skiing in the winter.  Cycling, swimming, and running in the summer.

My eating habits are… If you ask my wife she will say that it needs to improve. I think it’s just fine…. maybe smaller portions?

If I could be someone for a day I would be…. Anybody who can complete a triathlon.

The “secret sauce” that makes me who I am ….  Mix Brazilian with Japanese and there you have it.