Client Release: Mac 1.4

This week we released Mac 1.4 for both MozyHome and MozyPro. The new software includes numerous stability improvements. It also provides a helpful new feature for consumers and businesses—the ability to set a policy that excludes certain types of files from being backed up.

You may wonder why anyone would want to exclude any type of file from being backed up. Why not just back up everything on the hard drive? Well, those are fair questions.

If you’re a consumer using MozyHome to back up personal files and you have a virtual machine installed on your computer, you may prefer to back up the files in the virtual machine rather than the entire virtual machine itself.

If you’re a business using MozyPro to back up your employees’ data, you may want to set a policy that excludes certain files types, like music, for certain employees. Given the economic conditions, we want you as a business to have the ability to control your costs and back up the files critical to your business.

To see the full release notes and download the new client version, check out our MozyHome and MozyPro update sections . Please note that you don’t have to download and install the new client manually, as your old client will auto-update within a week.

Finally, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Mozy, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at

  • Dominic

    Upgraded to 1.4 (OSX10.4.11) and now it just hangs at reticulating splines. 1.3 was working fine. What is going on?

  • Graham

    While I am very happy that you are spending time and money in an effort to improve the product. This new release has totally screwed up my machine (and I am not alone). Take a look at

    There are many users experiencing problems with Time Capsules and Time Machine following this new release. I suspect that this new release wasn’t thoroughly vetted through QA (especially since there was a patch release just a few days following the release of 1.4). This is the second time that a Mozy update has caused me to have significant machine issues – let alone backup issues.

    Historically they problems with the updates have only affected the Mozy back-up and has caused me to start over from scratch. This time it has caused my redundant back-up (local time machine) to become corrupt and has caused me to be unable to finish creating a configuration set in Mozy and thus can’t backup using the software at all.

    My backup software should be the most stable software on my computer, unfortunately your software is the least stable aspect of my machine and I often curse it. Finding that uninstalling your software is the usual fix for any issue I am having on my machine.

    Please focus on building and testing a stable product. I am now forced to look at alternatives because you have lost my support.

  • Rob

    Either 10.5.8 or 1.4 prevents Time Machine from working. If any Mac users are reading this, don’t upgrade to 10.5.8 if you plan on keeping Mozy. I uninstalled MozyHome, waiting for a fix from Mozy or Apple.

  • Eric

    It appears that Mozy 1.4 and OS X 10.5.8 do not play well together.

    Aside from my own computer, there are reports that the new Mozy Client Version prevents Time Machine from backing up properly.

    Apparently, uninstalling Mozy fixes the problem.

    Will you release a new client version to address this issue?

  • zvikico

    You should mention that this release is incompatible with Apple’s Time Machine. I just lost my entire Time Machine image which got corrupted and spent hours figuring out what went wrong before I found that out.

  • Devin Knighton

    Hey, this is Devin with Mozy. We’re sorry about the trouble some of you ran into with this latest version. We’re working quickly to get this issue resolved and expect to release the fix soon.

    To clarify, this only affects those who use Time Machine to back up to Time Capsule or to a network share of another Mac. If you are backing up using Time Machine with another locally connected externally drive, then Time Machine should work just fine.

    For those of you who are having trouble, Mozy has not affected your data on your Time Capsule. If you uninstall Mozy and reboot, you should be able to use Time Capsule as before. Those who have said they have lost information have reformatted their Time Capsule because they misunderstood and thought Mozy had corrupted the data. But the data was still on the Time Capsule.

    Again, we are sorry for those of you who ran into this issue, and we expect to have this fixed shortly.

    Devin Knighton
    (801) 722-8187

  • Katie

    While I appreciate the acknowledgement from Mozy that there is an issue and they’re working on a fix I think this could have been better handled and publicized. Why is there nothing on the Mozy website discussing this issue other than the comments to this post? Why is there no way to download a previous version of Mozy that will work with Time Capsule? I started experiencing problems nearly a week ago and after constant searching of Apple forums and websites it took several days for me to figure out Mozy was the culprit.

    While Mozy may not have actually caused corruption of the Time Capsule disk image, it appears that way. I too have lost all my Time Capsule backups in an effort to troubleshoot this issue with Apple tech support. Perhaps my data wasn’t really corrupted, but when Mozy is silent about the issue, how is anyone to know? I’ve still lost my data whether it was a direct result of the bug or efforts to troubleshoot it to get my Time Capsule back up and running.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love Mozy and as soon as you guys issue an update I’ll reinstall it. I get that bugs happen. But I think this could have been handled better to inform people of what was going on and give instructions on how to correct the issue and the status of the fix. I’ll admit it left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • Larry

    Devin, you are right, and my Time Machine on TimeCapsule works fine after uninstalling Mozy


    In an attempt to fix it I wasted lots of time, deleted backup files, and nearly deleted restored the entire disk. Can’t you send an”update” to all Mac users with a message/warning to uninstall Mozy if using Time Machine + Time Capsule?

    The respect for customers data over Mozy’s business needs would earn points from Mac users. Otherwise, points subtracted.

  • Dominic

    Even with the new update 1.4.3. It is still way buggy for 10.4.11… downgrading until you folks get it together.

  • David Clonts

    Yall have a memory leak, or something. I finally realized Mozy had been upgraded–had been wondering suddenly all of my memory was getting sucked up. It has eaten half a gig of real memory…restarting it now.

  • Adam

    Very upset with Mozy and the non-existent support.

    I have been a paying user for over a year and 17 days ago my backup stopped. . .the client fails with an “authentication” error that advises a userid/password mismatch. This is wrong. I can log into the website just fine, change my password, whatever, but the client (latest version) continues to fail. I have opened up a case with support more than a week ago and got one form letter back.

    I am at the point of quitting and advising others to stay away. I simply need my probably fixed. . .to be able to make backups with a backup service is not too much to ask.


  • Steve Ross

    I second the memory leak issue, currently after a backup mozybackup is using 628.55 Mb (real) and 1.21GB virtual, this is idle after a successful backup. FAIL. version 1.4.3

  • Richard Rodriquez

    Major memory leak on my Windows 2003 Server. When I complained about it. The tech support guy said that I should upgrade to the new version. He sent me a .exe file. Lucky I noticed that he sent me mozy_home when we are using mozy_pro. What the heck is going on over there.

  • KathyW

    I was about to install Mozy Home Backup on Mac, when I found this forum of complaints on how it is a memory hog and interferes with certain Time Machine backups.

    Does anyone know if Mozy has come out with a trouble-free backup for Mac 10.5.8? Is it work installing? FYI I currently back up to an external hard drive and as everyone knows, a hard drive can fail, and many do. So I was looking for a fail-safe online backup online, so when my hard drive goes, I can recover the files from the online backup.