Client Release: Mac 1.6

We are once again proud to announce another Mozy for Mac release. Here are a few highlights from this latest release:

  • Memory and performance improvements – Making choices about which files to back up should be very fast. Backups start more quickly and use a limited amount of memory.
  • No longer depends on Spotlight – We now search for files using our own technology in order to avoid some inconsistencies in Apple’s.
  • Better support for Snow Leopard – We’ve added a file scanning progress indicator, and warnings when a backup is started before the client is fully configured and when changes might be lost when the configuration is closed without saving.
  • Translated into 9 non-English languages – German, Greek, British English, Castillian Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovenian. If you have chosen one of those languages in System Preferences, Mozy will use it automatically.
  • Other compatibility, stability and performance improvements.

To see the full release notes and download the new client version, check out our update sections for MozyHome and MozyPro. Please note that you don’t have to download and install the new client manually, as your old client will auto-update.

Finally, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Mozy, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at!

  • Alessandro Lucca


    My customers would like translate portugues (Brazil)!

  • Floris

    And now for the Linux client please!

  • Chris

    Thanks – after moving from PC to Mac last year, I had been disappointed with the performance of the Mac client. I’ve since upgraded to 2.6, and things definitely have improved, especially on the file scanning side.

  • Andreas

    Will there be a German version for PC too?

  • jmhl

    If you’re using MacMozy 1.6.0, turn off debug logging in the preferences. Apparently it can cause backups to fail (and was doing so for me for a long time). Tech support tells me that this should be fixed in v1.6.1.

  • Mark

    The auto-update moved us to the Mac 1.6 already and everything seems to be running fine. Not noticing too much of a difference other than when this backup is running, our DSL internet is slow. I’m going to play around with the backup options within Mozy to have it start less frequently.
    Currently, running this on a MacPro quad-core w/8Gb ram running 10.5.9. Will be moving to Snow Leopard soon.

  • anpan

    I’ll join a desperate chorus crying for Linux client

  • Kelly

    Any idea why I cannot use status window. It is greyed out at all times from the mozy icon drop down list.

  • Ensoniq

    Does auto-update actually work for anyone? I have had to manually install each new version, because when I check for updates in Mozy it NEVER finds anything new. And it certainly doesn’t automatically install it.

  • Jerome

    Looking forward to trying the new release!