Client Release: Mac 1.3.1 and Windows 1.10.4

We’re proud to announce the latest releases of our Mac and Windows Mozy clients! We’ve made a few enhancements and fixed a few bugs people were having; here are some of the highlights:

Mac 1.3.1

The Mac 1.3.1 release addresses two issues:

  • Added functionality for MozyHome users to replace an existing computer. Pro users already have this functionality.
  • Fixed an issue some were having with scheduling weekly backups

Windows 1.10.4

The Windows 1.10.4 release addresses some of the following issues:

  • Improved handling for special characters in an email address.
  • Fixed a bug that caused high CPU utilization by the Mozy icon in the menu bar.
  • Enhanced error reporting when communicating with the servers.
  • Improved the handling for when a Backup set’s specified directory is no longer available

Here are the links to the full release notes and new client downloads for both MozyHome and MozyPro

MozyHome (Mac and Win)

MozyPro (Mac and Win)

  • Tapani

    Another vote for Linux

  • RCRath

    Tired of waiting for linux client. Quitting mozy, like I quit windows. There are other options that do support linux and some are even cheaper and it has gone a year since the last response, so that ought to tell you where the priorities are.

  • David

    Mozy seriously needs a Linux client. The business I work at (which currently uses Mozy for Windows and Mac) would be purchasing Linux licenses, but now I am searching for a good alternative. I may have to setup a server in the cloud and use something like fwbuckups just because Mozy can’t make a Linux client…

  • Aaron

    I would also like to see a mozy client.