Client Release: Windows 1.12

As part of our relentless effort to deliver the best online backup service in the world, we are proud to announce the 1.12 release of the Mozy Windows client. Here’s a couple of highlights from this latest release:

  • We’ve added a search box to the restore tab within the client that lets you search for specific files within your backup. Previously, you could only browse for files and had to know where on their computer it was located, when it was backed up, or in which backup set it was included. You can now search for files on the restore tab in the client.
  • We’ve differentiated backup sets (i.e. all music files) and file system folders (i.e. the “my music” folder) under the restore tab. We had received some feedback from our customers that the visual display in the restore tab made it difficult to distinguish between file system folders and backup sets. Now, this new overlay icon on the backup set folder icon helps to differentiate it from the file system folders.
  • We have added the ability to re-associate a new computer. In the event of disaster or data loss, you can use Mozy to easily restore your backup files to another computer. You can also migrate your backup files from one computer to another, as well as transfer files from an old computer to a new computer. You can find additional information about replacing a computer here.

To see the full release notes and download the new client version, check out our update section . Please note that you don’t have to download and install the new client manually, as your old client will auto-update within a week.

Finally, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Mozy, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at!

  • Nathan Root

    “We have added the ability to re-associate a new computer. … You can also migrate your backup files from one computer to another, as well as transfer files from an old computer to a new computer.”

    This is SOOO great to hear. I have a file server with ~700GB on it (backed up through Mozy) that I’d like to upgrade. I was worried that by doing that, I’d be forced to reupload ALL that data. Please please tell me this is what that means. :)

    “You can find additional information about replacing a computer here.”
    Seems like a link is missing here.

  • AA

    You’ve made some nice improvements in the latest version of the Mozy Windows client. Thanks! I wanted to check to see whether you would consider enabling Mozy to run and backup even when a user is not logged in. My computer reboots occasionally (due to hardware issues), and it would make sense to me that something as critical as backup should always run as long as the computer is available. Is this something you’d consider adding?

    Also, please note that doesn’t work.

  • Ivan

    When is the client going to support Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7?

  • Rutger Blom

    Great! Let me know when you have a new Mozy client for Mac.

  • Jeremy Stanley

    @AA: The Mozy Windows client already does that. It runs as a system service and will back up even if no one is logged on.
    @Ivan: MozyPro runs on Windows Server 2008 right now. Windows 7 support will be announced in the future (I don’t have a date for you, sorry).

    -Jeremy Stanley
    Principal Software Engineer, Mozy Windows Client

  • Brock

    When will version archiving go back further than 30 days? This is critical for being able to recover files that might have been corrupted without you having noticed it within the 30 days of such corruption. The ability to keep X number of copies of a file would be amazing.

  • David

    Hi, the update just self-installed. Can I ask if there are any interesting release for this update?

  • David

    release notes*

  • Stuart

    @Jeremy Stanley

    If you need beta testers for the windows 7 client then please let me know – At the moment I cannot backup some of my files without booting into XP which is a pain…

    thanks in advance, Stuart

  • Stuart

    The latest build of Mozy for Windows seems to be working fine on Windows 7 so far – thanks to the Mozy team.

  • Steve

    I’m also finding that is working just fine with Windows 7 RC1, no problems so far!

  • Paul

    I found that with Windows 7 RTM the config application would freeze all the time. Running it in compatibility mode as Vista SP2 seems to have made it more stable. Lets hope it actually backs up ok :-)

    Nice product otherwise – but you should have a Win 7 version ready already. ;-)

  • Aaron Andalman

    Can the latest build decrypt files in Windows 7 that were encrypted on a Windows XP system?

  • Jason

    Client locking up for me on Win7 as well…Will give Vista SP2 mode a shot.