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Other Habits You Can Break With the Help of Mobile Tech

Breaking Habits with TechnologyA recent study revealed how mobile technology can help smokers break the habit. As a reformed smoker (butt-free for more than three years now), I can empathize with a smoker’s struggle, and as a techie, I can appreciate how technology continuously looks to improve our lives.

With that said, I got to wondering what other bad habits could be curbed with the help of mobile technology. Do I have a study, similar to the one conducted by researchers at Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh, to back up these claims? No way. Are these dangerous habits on the same level as smoking? Not a chance. The following is just a light look at how mobile technology can help cure us of questionable social graces and minor shortcomings.

Missing Anniversaries

Sometimes it takes more than a Zales commercial to jog the memory and recall that today is your five-year wedding anniversary. Unless you enjoy your posture-wrecking sleeper sofa, it’s probably a good idea to add important, recurring dates into your smartphone’s calendar.

As an aside, even though a traditional wedding gift for your fifth anniversary calls for something made of wood, resist the urge to get your wife a set of really cool nunchucks. Stick to something that comes in a little box, not something that comes with a big warning.

Partying Like It’s 1999 at a Work Function in 2012

Two words (OK, actually one word): YouTube. It’s fine to have one or two Malibu Bay Breezes (if that’s your tipple) at a work-sanctioned get-together. It’s not, however, the smartest of career moves to call for yet another round of Tequila Slammers before hitting the dance floor (which isn’t really a dance floor — just a spot on the floor where no one is standing) at your boss’ retirement party.

It seems technology has advanced much quicker than our common sense, and before you can say “Macarena,” your dance moves (and your career’s demise) are sure to be captured on video by four out of five co-workers’ smartphones.

Forgetting How to Have Fun

Your smartphone or tablet is much more than a device used for work-critical communications and support. It’s an arcade, a closet’s worth of board games and a blank canvas resting quietly among your car keys, Mentos and money clip (because you’re classy).

For all the seriousness surrounding technology and the business-critical capabilities of mobile tech, it also has the ability to keep us entertained and gives us permission to have fun. Need proof? One word: Frogger.