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Technically Speaking: Stories of the Week – July 15

Each week we scour the internet to find the best stories on technology, digital living and news of note. This week features a cast that won’t itch, a baseball team with a social media hub, and a robot ape you have to see to believe. All that and more in this edition of Mozy’s Technically Speaking.

Robotic Apes Aim for Space

Robot Ape

German researches have created a robotic ape and hope to bring the invention to great heights (literally). Megan Treacy of Treehugger reports that this incredible life-like robotic ape mimics movements of the actual animals, using its back feet and front knuckles to move about. It can walk forward, backward and side to side without a tether. While many robotic animals have been created with the intentions of use in search and rescue operations or surveillance, the creators of this ape have higher expectations–they would like to be able to send it to space. The company that funded a large chunk of the project is the Agency of the German Aerospace Center, which may ultimately use the ape for work on space stations, other planets or even piloting spacecraft.

3D Printed Casts Could Make Recovery a Breeze

3D Printed Cast

Say goodbye plastic baggies for showers and coat hangers for scratchings. Designer Jake Evill is aiming to put an end to heavy and itchy molded casts for good. According to CNET, Evill has developed a Cortex exoskeletal cast concept using 3D printing. The cast is light, strong, full of holes for air to get through, and safe for showering. The way the idea would work is that someone with a suspected fracture would get an x-ray as well as a 3D of the injured area. A cast would be then be individualized for the person and the injury, providing more support for the healing bone. The cast is still just a concept, but there’s a real possibility of it being available in the healthcare industry at some point. No word on whether it will be called the Evill Arm, but it should.

News for iWatchers? Apple iWatch May Be on It’s Way

Rumors have been circulating for a while now about Apple making an iWatch, and it looks like it may be true, as the company has now filed for a patent for the device in Japan, says Erica Ogg of Gigaom. Unofficial reports have said that the iWatch may run iOS and have a pedometer and heart rate monitor. It could also have the capability of making calls and checking points on a map. The iWatch would be part of the fast-growing industry of wearable technology, which is projected to make about $1.5 billion next year. The filing of the patent doesn’t necessarily mean the release of the product will come right away. For now there’s no telling how much time it will take for these to hit the shelves.

Major League Baseball Team Creates Social Media Cafe at Ballpark

The San Francisco Giants baseball team is being called a digital leader after it created a Social Media Café at its stadium AT&T Park. The café is Major League Baseball’s first social media command center and is located inside Peet’s Coffee, which is set behind centerfield, according to Forbes. Inside, fans can use their Twitter and Instagram accounts on six, 55-inch screens. The café also provides visitors with a place to enjoy coffee, recharge their phones, get a Wi-Fi connection–all while watching the game.


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