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Technically Speaking: Links of the Week – December 16

Each week we scour the internet to find the best stories on technology, digital living and news of note. This week features a tongue-controlled wheelchair, a bra that affects your appetite and blinking gloves for cyclists. All that and more in the return of Mozy’s Technically Speaking.

Blinkers on your hands: New gloves shed light on bicycle safety

Lighted Bicycle Gloves

A bright new idea on Kickstarter is calling for bicycle safety. The company Zackees has developed turn signal gloves that light up with LED directional arrows so cyclists can let cars in traffic know when and where they’re turning, says Amanda Kooser of CNET. The invention could also be used for skateboarders and runners, among others. The gloves can be powered by either regular or rechargeable coin cell batteries. For $69 you can get a set of gloves in classic black spandex.

The bra that keep you from eating too much

Could your bra stop you from eating too much? According to CBS News, Microsoft is working on a new bra that lets wearers know when their bodies are stressed so they can be warned not to binge-eat. Researchers say the bra monitors wearers’ heart rates, detects emotional stress and alerts wearers via their smartphones when the hunger they’re feeling probably isn’t real. And gentlemen need not worry: While the working version is designed for the female form, the company says it’s developing one for men, too.

Tongue-controlled wheelchair helps people with paralysis


Thanks to a new wireless device, people with paralysis can control their wheelchairs by moving their tongues, according to Mashable. The device consists of a headset with wireless sensors and a tiny magnet. The headset measures changes in the magnetic field as wearers move their tongues, and then it sends signals to a smartphone to control the wheelchair.

The wheelchair has gone through a clinical trial in which people with paralysis of all four limbs were able to use the chair to successfully maneuver through an obstacle course.

New service blocks mobile location tracking

Is big brother watching? Not if AVG can help it. Parmy Olson of Forbes reports that the security firm AVG is launching the first location-blocking service for mobile devices. The company is adding the feature to its free PrivacyFix app for Android.

“The update to AVG’s free app … is the first of its kind to be offered by an established security company, and lets Android users block location tracking by Wi-Fi networks in retail stores or public venues, says Olson.


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