Social Media at the Old Ball Game

Over the past 166 years, baseball has filled the summers of millions of people with lasting memories. More and more, these memories are being shared and stored online. Major League Baseball's official Facebook page has over 1.1 million Facebook fans, and almost 2 million people follow @MLB on Twitter. Individual teams are documenting and sharing significant moments online as well. All of this tweeting and liking and sharing generates data that needs to be stored - just as individuals store memories and information important to them, fan bases for each team collect, share, and react to their teams' triumphs and losses.

We're big baseball fans here at Mozy, and enjoy epic homerun battles, pitching duels, hot dogs and relish, and rooting for the home team. We're looking forward to the rest of this baseball season and the memories it will bring. As you're out making memories this summer, whether you're watching your son's first hit or a enjoying a game with your closest friends, remember to back up your memories with Mozy.

Social Media Consumption At The Old Ball Game Infographic

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