The Social Bowl

Being a couch potato is no longer a lonely existence! And as the social media universe expands, the volume of conversations generated from events like a major television show can be staggering. The Super Bowl is a perfect example. In the 2012 Super Bowl on Feb. 5 between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, the number of online conversations involving viewers was more than 6.6 million, leading to more than 39 gigabytes of tweets alone. After the game the conversation had only just begun: Videos uploaded with the words "Super Bowl" in the title amounted to more than 96 hours. No longer from emails, family pictures, and documents only, our digital footprints are growing in leaps and bounds. That's why Mozy helps protect what's most important to you. And make sure to check out Mozy's new file syncing feature called Stash, because whether you're a couch potato or always on the go, we all need access to the latest versions of our stuff from wherever we are!

Mozy Social Bowl Infographic (1)

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