When Will We Run Out Of Space?

Space … Are we really running out of it already? Information is being created, shared and stored on computers at an explosive rate, with nearly 8 years worth of content being uploaded to YouTube every day*. It seems like yesterday when all our 8-track tapes and spring break photo albums fit on the shelf over our dresser. How ironic that now we accumulate so much more music and photos in much less physical space. But where do we keep it all? And is there a limit to the amount of available space? With more attention on how to store all our growing volume of stuff, storage options abound. It's easier and more critical now than ever to have a safe, secure, and automatic way to back up your files. Mozy is not running out of space, and the trusted leader in the online backup industry gives you peace of mind, so you know that your files will always be available when you need them.


Mz Run Out

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