Founder and CEO presents with Microsoft and Google at Telecosm Conference Panel

SALT LAKE CITY — October 3, 2006 — Josh Coates, founder and CEO of Berkeley Data Systems (, will speak with Microsoft and Google representatives at the 2006 Gilder/Forbes Telecosm conference in Lake Tahoe Thursday, Oct.5 regarding the topic, "Storewidth Cyberplexes: Can Google Be Stopped?" The session will be moderated by George Gilder and aims to answer the question, "Are massively parallel, shared-memory computer farms destined to rule the Net?"

"Google is the clear leader in search innovation, but I think the field is open when it comes to mass Internet storage systems," Coates said. "At Berkeley Data Systems, we're solely focused on the petabyte storage problem and have innovated beyond simple mirror-based systems."

A technologist whose entire career has been dedicated to building large scale storage systems, Coates is an expert in petabyte storage technology. Soon after graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, Coates founded Scale8 in 1999, which became the world's largest online storage system at the time. Later he assisted Brewster Kahle at the Internet Archive in its mission to archive all human knowledge in building out their petabyte data center. In 2005, he founded Berkeley Data Systems and in April 2006 disrupted the backup industry by launching Mozy — the first free, automatic and secure remote backup service in the world.

"Josh Coates is a storage entrepreneur and creator of a unique cure for conventional accessibility and storage management headaches," said Gilder. "We have invited him to join us at Telecosm 2006 to share his ideas on the growing storage clustering and petabyte technology challenge."

Celebrating its 10th year, Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 2006 will celebrate the heroic and triumphant ascent of technology and the entrepreneurial singularities of the past ten years, and it will attempt to envisage the crucial telecosmic breakthroughs of the next decade to come.

About Berkeley Data Systems

Berkeley Data Systems (a href="">, the creators of Mozy, is a technology company based in Utah that specializes in large scale, parallel storage systems and software. Founded in 2005, Berkeley Data Systems is funded by Wasatch Ventures, Tim Draper of Draper Associates and Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson; and Novell co-founder Drew Major. About Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 2006, October 4 — 6, the Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe:

For a decade, the Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference ‐ hosted annually by George Gilder and Steve Forbes ‐ has been recognized as one of the most prestigious venues in the world for information on breakthrough technologies,forward-thinking companies and investment strategies. It is an exclusive gathering of engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, public policy decision makers, and the top thought leaders and business executives from the world's leading technology and communications companies.

In addition to JOSH COATES, the list of confirmed Telecosm 2006 participants includes: GORDON BELL, Senior Researcher, Microsoft; Forbes Editor in Chief, STEVE FORBES; Founder, APOSTOLOS GERASOULIS; PETER HUBER, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; ANDY KESSLER, Author of Wall St. Meat, Running Money, The End of Medicine; Stanford Law Professor, LAWRENCE LESSIG; CalTech's CARVER MEAD; MICHAEL MILKEN, Chairman, Milken Institute; Chairman, FasterCures; ROBERT MUNDELL, Economics Nobel Laureate and International Economist; Intel CTO JUSTIN RATTNER and Global Economist JOHN RUTLEDGE.

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