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As a professional, you have lots of important digital files. If a disaster wiped out your computer today, what would you lose? Protect your valuable files with Mozy online backup

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Collect! Software is partnering with Mozy to offer online backup to customers at a discounted price. Use promo code COLLECT15 during checkout to receive 15% off your initial MozyPro purchase for your business. The discount also applies to one- and two-year subscriptions of MozyHome, so you can protect your important personal files as well.

MozyPro for the Collect! database

As part of best practices, Collect! highly recommends the implementation of a data backup plan for the Collect! database. It is critical that the key data that feeds your business is protected in the event of catastrophic hardware or operating system failure.

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Contact a MozyPro account executive at 1-877-669-9776 or send us an email for more information. Be sure to mention COLLECT15 to receive your 15% discount.

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