Restore it

Spilled coffee on the keyboard? We’ve all been there. With Mozy, you can download all of your files with just one click. Yes, it really is that easy. You can also receive emails and alerts when your restore requests are ready for download.

Additionally, you can use Mozy’s restore manager to consolidate and transfer files to your computer. It’s like having a personal IT assistant—a personal IT assistant that gives you several options to restore your data.

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In client: one click is all it takes

Hard drive crash? No problem; you can now download all of your files to your new computer with just one click. You can also receive emails and alerts from Mozy when restore requests are ready for download.

Click the Mozy icon in your system tray and select Restore Files, then simply select the files (or even a specific version) you want to restore and we do the rest. Your files are restored to the location you specify.

Web restores: access files from anywhere

Interface and performance
Mozy’s search tool allows you to quickly browse and search your backups and locate a specific file or folder with ease. View your files in folder format, by file type category, or past versions. You can even go back to the past and view your file from a previous date up to one year in the past. Don’t have a spare minute? No worries. It takes only seconds to find files from backup sets and download them to any machine.

Monitor progress
Monitor the progress of the entire restore and download files as soon as they are available, even if the full restore isn’t ready.

Photo thumbnails and previews
Photos are presented as fast-loading thumbnails and scaled-down previews to help you quickly identify and download your photos.

Access Files via Browser  

All your files in one place

Mozy file sync is simple and incredibly useful because it keeps every file you put into it updated throughout the day. Everywhere. Need to work on a document from home? No problem. Edit and save it at home. When you show up to work, the updated file is on your computer. And on your smartphone and tablet. It’s available whenever and wherever you want.

File sync is the ultimate boost for your productivity. Best of all, your files are safe, thanks to Mozy’s enterprise-grade security. 

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View versions from the past

Mozy keeps files for up to 1 year, depending on the service you choose. Why is this important? Say your computer came down with a virus on Tuesday. Get healthy again by restoring all your files from Monday’s backup. Take that, virus. Mondays never looked so good. With Mozy, any day can look good. Actually, any day of the week looks great with Mozy.

Access Files via Mobile App  

Additional features

File details
You can open a detail window for any file or folder, showing file information and statistics about the selected items.

Media restore: we’ll ship it 
When time is of the essence, Mozy offers a service where we’ll copy all of your encrypted backup files on an USB drive or a hard drive (depending on the total size of all the files) and ship it directly to you. 

Virtual drive: simple access
Restoring files via the Mozy virtual drive—created as part of your setup—allows you to choose to restore one file or all of them. You can restore them to the original location or choose a new one (Windows support only).

Right-click restore: even simpler
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any simpler, we also offer the option to restore files by right-clicking a file. You can choose to have the file restored in its original location or to a new location (Windows support only).