Not only does your Mozy plan back up all your critical files, each MozyHome, MozyPro, and MozyEnterprise data protection plan includes Mozy Sync. File sync makes your old file-transfer methods obsolete. So lay your trusty USB flash drive to rest. And for heaven’s sake, your “clever” strategy of emailing files to yourself deserves a mercy killing. With Mozy Sync, you simply place a file in your local Mozy Sync folder, and it’s immediately available from any computer, smartphone, and tablet that you regularly use. Devices linked to your Mozy Sync folder will always have your up-to-date files without ever needing to be refreshed.

File sync on the go

Mozy’s app for iOS and Android devices gives your smartphone or tablet access to your Mozy Sync folder wherever you are, and whenever you need it. It works hand in hand with Mozy cloud backup, making all of your files safe and available.

Secure and private

Mozy Sync employs the same enterprise-grade encryption as our cloud backup, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your files are secure and private. Mozy Sync also offers personal encryption for home and small business users, and corporate key (c-key) encryption for larger businesses.

Activate Mozy Sync

If you’re a MozyHome user, then you’re ready to sync! Just download Mozy Sync on all of your computers and watch as your files sync between them. If you’re a MozyPro customer, congratulations! The admin on your MozyPro account just needs to activate it and then you’re also ready to start syncing.

After activation, Mozy Sync does the rest, so sit back and enjoy a splendid beverage of your choice. If you’re using the Mozy mobile app, you’ll notice a Mozy Sync folder appear, allowing you to get started with your on-the-go file access right away. Cool, right?

There’s no such thing as a bad question

Find out more about the new Mozy Sync feature in our FAQ. Or, for technical support, visit our world-class support.