What is Mozy Sync?

Sync is a file synchronization feature that provides Mozy users a simple way to keep their most active data up to date across each of the computers and devices they regularly use. As a complement to the protection of Mozy cloud backup, Sync simplifies using your files across multiple devices while protecting your data.

How do I use Sync?

Sync is designed to work for you transparently, so you really don’t need to do much to use it. Think of it as just a place to put the files you’re actively working on so that you have them wherever you need them.

When you install Mozy Sync on your computer, it links a local folder with your Sync folder online. Add a file to the local Sync folder, and you can securely access it from the Mozy website or Mozy's mobile app almost instantly. When you link more than one computer to your Sync folder, any changes you make on one linked computer get updated on all of your other linked computers.

You can also upload documents, photos, videos, and other files to your Sync folder from your mobile phone or tablet.

Finally, because Sync uses the Mozy storage infrastructure, your Sync folder enjoys the same protection you have come to trust from Mozy cloud backup.

How is Sync different from Mozy cloud backup?

Online backup and file synchronization complement each other to provide you with "anytime, anywhere" access to all of your files. Although the two features work together, they each do their work somewhat differently.

Mozy cloud backup protects files against loss no matter where they reside on your computer. The files you protect with cloud backup are always available to you through the Mozy mobile app or the Mozy website. But unlike Sync, Mozy cloud backup never sends updates to other computers.

With Mozy Sync, each computer that you have linked to your Sync folder automatically keeps its local Sync folder up to date with your Sync folder online. Files you put in your Sync folder are also available through the Mozy app and website, but Sync goes a step further. Unlike with cloud backup, files that you put in your Sync folder get updated automatically across all linked devices so that you always have your latest work ready to go on each computer that is linked to your Sync folder.

Together, Mozy cloud backup and Sync make all your files available to you from anywhere, allowing you to choose which files you want to synchronize while still keeping the rest of your files easily available and completely protected from loss.

How is Sync different from the Mozy app for mobiles?

The Mozy app for Android and iOS devices has become one of Mozy’s most popular feature releases ever. With it, you can access all of the files you protect with Mozy from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, as well as Android mobile phones and Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire.

Mozy Sync complements Mozy cloud backup, and makes the Mozy app even better. For example, the Mozy app allows you to upload documents, photos, and videos from your mobile device directly to your Sync folder. After uploading, your linked computers then automatically download the newly uploaded files so that you can work with them directly from any of your computers.

Your Sync folder also sends updates to your Mozy account as they happen rather than on a schedule. So if you have a file on your computer that you want to access from your mobile device, and you don't want to wait until the next back up, just sync it!

How is Mozy Sync different from Mozy Stash?

Mozy Stash was the beta name for the sync solution. Now that the beta tag has been removed the name has evolved to Mozy Sync. The functionality is the same, but you will now notice that your Mozy Stash folder is labeled Mozy Sync.

How secure is Mozy Sync?  

As a feature of our backup plans, Mozy Sync offers the same security as Mozy cloud backup. That means MozyEnterprise customers can use Mozy encryption or enable Mozy Sync with 256-bit AES encryption using a corporate key, while Mozy Home and MozyPro customers can enable Sync with the standard Mozy encryption or personal key encryption.

What should I put in my Sync folder? 

Anything you want. But since Mozy cloud backup already protects all the files on your computers, we recommend keeping your latest, greatest work in your Sync folder—especially the stuff you're actively editing. If you're working on a document and you want the latest changes to be there on each computer that you regularly use, put it in your Sync folder.

How do I get started with Sync? 

Mozy Sync is included in every MozyHome, MozyPro, and MozyEnterprise plan. (For MozyPro and MozyEnterprise, your administrator needs to enable Sync for you.) To start using Sync, simply install it on your computer and sign in using your existing MozyHome, MozyPro, or MozyEnterprise email address.

After successfully signing on, you will find a new Sync folder in your local user account’s home folder. Anything you move to this local Sync folder will get automatically uploaded to your Sync folder online. If you install Sync on another computer and sign on using the same MozyHome, MozyPro, or MozyEnterprise account, both computers will soon be up to date.

How much storage do I get with Mozy Sync? 

Sync draws storage from your Mozy plan. For example, if you are on a 50 GB plan and you are using 30 GB for online backup, then 20 GB remains available for Sync. Similarly, if you are a MozyHome Free subscriber, your Sync folder draws from your account’s 2 GB of storage.

Mozy Sync provides another advantage for Mozy customers who back up more than one computer. If you keep the same files on multiple computers, then backing up those files counts against your available storage capacity for each computer. Putting the files in your Sync folder allows you to offload them from backup on each machine, thereby consolidating their storage. In other words, Mozy Sync accounts for the files just once, no matter how many computers you have linked to your Sync folder.

Can I use Sync with a MozyPro or MozyEnterprise account? 

Yes. Simply sign up for a MozyPro account and have your admin activate the Sync. If your organization uses MozyEnterprise, your admin can activate the Sync folder according to your organization’s policy.

If one of my synced files gets deleted, can I recover the file?

Yes. Recovering a deleted file that you had saved to your Mozy Sync folder is easy. Simply log in to your account at https://secure.mozy.com. By default you will be taken to a page that lists your synced files and folders. From there you can restore any deleted files.

Because Mozy keeps a copy of each backup for a certain period of time, you can restore files that might have been accidentally deleted or changed within that period of time. The retention period (how long Mozy will keep files) for each backup varies, depending on the type of Mozy account you have. For MozyHome, the retention period is 30 days of the backup. For MozyPro, the retention period is 60 days. For MozyEnterprise and MozyPro Reseller accounts, the retention period is 90 days.

Do I have to use Mozy cloud backup to use Mozy Sync? 

No. You do not need to have Mozy cloud backup installed on a single computer to use Sync. Each has its own separate install to allow you to choose which you want on any given computer. But remember, Sync was designed to complement Mozy cloud backup so that all of your files are protected and available to you from anywhere. You can have it all, and Mozy recommends that you do.

How much does Mozy Sync cost? 

Sync is included in paid subscriptions to MozyHome, MozyPro, and MozyEnterprise at no extra cost.

I found an issue with Mozy Sync. How do I report it?

We are eager to understand the problem and hope that you will help us troubleshoot it. Please start a new discussion topic for it in the forum at blog.mozy.com.