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A few years ago we had a break-in, they had broken through the wall. Among cash, some tools and some other things, they took a computer that had some important data on it. It was a huge loss to us realizing that we didn’t have the things we needed to do our job. We didn’t care about the other stuff, but the data was gone. We weren’t able to recover that computer but we did have MozyPro that we had been using; and we had finally got to put it to the test to see if all of our data would be recovered. We got an external hard drive FedEx’d overnight to us with all of our data on it. Plugged it in, verified the folders and files were exactly like we were backing up and that was it.

We were able to get right back on our feet. Being an insurance agency we talk to people and business owners day in and day out about protecting those things most important to them, so we had to practice what we preached. Finding a secure, offsite, easy to automate solution for data backup was what we found with MozyPro. I’m Daniel Dye, I’m an agent at Advance Insurance and we use MozyPro