Agilysys, a leading provider of IT solutions, has enjoyed hassle-free backup protection in the Mozy cloud since 2008. Based in Solon, Ohio with many office locations worldwide, Agilysys has hundreds of employees who use MozyEnterprise to protect their desktop and laptop computers.

Previously, the company issued external hard drives to select employees and relied on employees to perform backups on their own. Since this approach leads to spotty and unreliable backup coverage, Agilysys looked to Mozy for a hands-free, reliable and affordable alternative. "To protect against data loss, we wanted to take the backup decision out of the user's hands," said J.D. Shane, Desktop Support, Agilysys. "Instead of each user controlling when and how often they backed up, Mozy ensures constant coverage."

The MozyEnterprise implementation has given Agilysys superior data protection at both an individual and institutional level. Individual users benefit from complete file protection and avoid data disasters with fast individual file recovery and full computer re-imaging. At the corporate level, Agilysys is protected against data loss by retaining control of its Mozy user accounts. Conventional, on-premise backup solutions require that computers and external drives be turned in by employees leaving the company, but the Mozy solution enables Agilysys to retain its key information assets at all times.

As an IT administrator, Shane is impressed with Mozy's powerful administrator controls. Because Mozy's cloud-based interface is updated with no need to deploy cumbersome software upgrades, new features and functionality are easier to embrace. "Recent improvements in the administrator console have made my job easier, such as a report listing the users who have not connected to back up in a week," stated Shane. "Mozy alerts me when I need to contact those users, or make administrative changes to their accounts."

After a successful pilot program with corporate managers, Agilysys performed a worldwide rollout, bringing its European and Asia-Pacific users into the secure Mozy cloud. As computers come off of lease and are replaced, Mozy is a key component of the core software on new computer models. The company's long-term goals involve refining user training to encourage more self-service recoveries and to increase awareness of the ability to recover earlier drafts of documents for comparison purposes.