With Mozy, I don’t have to worry if our servers and laptops are being backed up. I can just run my business.

Backing up remote users was too time consuming and expensive for Scott Zimmerman, president and CEO of Altek Solutions, Inc., until he found MozyPro. Now every employee both on- and off-site can back up internal documentation automatically with MozyPro, saving the company countless hours and thousands of dollars in backup costs.

The entire company was in South Carolina for a training conference when Altek Solutions’ office- based web server crashed back in Pennsylvania. Nearly 650 miles away, President and CEO Scott Zimmerman began to feel the pressure rising.

It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. The geographically distributed company includes many employees who work remotely, which causes nightmares for Zimmerman as he struggles to keep current backup copies of the company’s data. Though the main server is housed in their Pennsylvania office, Zimmerman is one of only a few employees who work on the premises.

“We have consultants out in the field using laptops, and I don’t see those laptops for six months at a time,” Zimmerman said. “It’s very hard for me to make sure every machine is backed up and current when I don’t see them for so long.” The company’s consulting and data management projects last anywhere from two weeks to six months, and files change constantly during the process.

“We’ve tried a number of backup strategies including tape, manual FTP, and direct to hard drive,” Zimmerman said. “All of these processes were either too time consuming or too expensive – or both. And none of them offer coverage for remote users.”

Several employees lost client projects in the past and spent countless hours rebuilding them because Altek Solutions lacked a dependable backup solution. Even the company’s server network was susceptible to data loss. Because of the difficulties involved in backing up the distributed company’s data, Zimmerman relied solely on the company’s servers for all internal documentation, project files, and financial records. When disaster hit, employees had little choice but to rebuild their projects from scratch.

“I guess I thought it wouldn’t happen to me,” Zimmerman said. “I wasn’t going to lose data. But when my hard drive failed, and I lost about six years of email correspondence because my backups weren’t current, that was the last straw. I had to find a better backup solution.”

Months before the conference in South Carolina, Zimmerman downloaded six different backup options for internal testing. Three of them were so difficult that he didn’t end up implementing them even for a trial. Of the three remaining, MozyPro was the most intuitive and the only service capable of fully supporting Altek Solutions’ remote users. Now Zimmerman periodically checks the status of employees’ backups and even updates the client software remotely when a new version is needed.

“MozyPro is painless, seamless, and it integrates within Windows Explorer,” he said. “Now when I accidentally lose or delete a file, I can right-click and restore anything I need to from my computer almost instantaneously.”

And when hard drives crash or an employee gets a new laptop, they no longer need to bring the old laptop into the office for Zimmerman to transfer all the information over. Everything can be done remotely on the MozyPro website, as Zimmerman discovered at the company’s training conference in South Carolina.

He went back to his hotel room and restored the backup copy of his website from MozyPro’s servers onto a web hosting site. In less than a couple of hours, the site was up and running again as if nothing had happened.

“I never would have been able to do that on my own. I would have had to drive all the way back to my office in Pennsylvania and missed the rest of the conference,” Zimmerman said. “MozyPro paid for itself that day and for years to come.”

Zimmerman then signed up for MozyHome, the consumer version of Mozy online backup, to back up his personal photos and files on his home computer. Mozy runs automatically in the background both at home and at work, and Altek Solutions throttles its backups so they never interfere with system performance during peak business hours.

“With Mozy, I don’t have to worry if our servers and laptops are being backed up,” Zimmerman said. “I can just run my business.”