Ballincollig Credit Union (BCU) is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members and run for their profit and benefit. Run by and for the community, Ballincollig Credit Union has approximately 15,000 members.

Offering savings, loans, currency conversion and many other financial services, BCU generates large volumes of sensitive data on a daily basis. All of this was being carefully backed up to hard drives and stored offsite.

"When people trust you with their money, you have a duty to protect not just their investment but the data that relates to it as well," said Paddy McCarthy, Acting General Manager at BCU. "All computer drives will come to the end of their lives eventually, so we have to have robust plans in place to ensure that, no matter what happens, our data is protected."

So, when BCU's existing solution began to run out of available space, the Credit Union began to investigate options to ensure there was never any risk of data loss.

"We had already tested the concept of cloud services for some of our IT systems and our successes with online services meant that we felt comfortable with the idea of moving our backup to the cloud," said McCarthy.

BCU's IT partner, B-TEC, suggested cloud backup from online backup and data access specialist, Mozy, which is owned by global technology company EMC. ISO27001-certified and SAS70- audited Mozy offers military-grade encryption to ensure the highest level of security in its locally-based data centres.

"Finding out that the world leader in online backup based significant resources in Ballincollig made Mozy even more attractive to us," said McCarthy, commenting on the fact that Mozy's European support and inside sales teams are based in Ballincollig. "We're a community business and finding a provider that is also investing in our community was a real boon."

BCU is investing in MozyPro, Mozy's solution for the SMB market. It allows BCU to protect data stored both on its server and on its employees laptops and desktops. Having laid out rules for which folders and file types they want to back up, the Mozy software monitors for any new files that are created or any that are changed and automatically copies the new information to the cloud where it is retained in Mozy's data centres. In the event that anything should ever happen to BCU's data onsite, the information can be retrieved immediately from Mozy, whether the team needs a single file or the complete data set for the server.

"We've outsourced the management of our Mozy backups to B-TEC, safe in the knowledge that, because it's a cloud service, they can administrate it for us wherever they are – whether that's in our building, theirs or on the road," said McCarthy. "The combination of Mozy and B-TEC means that we never have to worry about backup ourselves and can concentrate on our core business and providing a premium service to our members."