The simplicity of Mozy is great for a small business, but the features are so enabling and well- designed that Mozy is ideal for larger companies as well. The quality of product for an affordable rate is unmatched.

IT director Rick Razum felt the small-town bank’s on-premise backup solution did not adequately protect business data, and the required maintenance time was exhausting. He did away with the physical external backups at The State Bank of Geneva and now more easily manages critical data with MozyPro online backup. The simplicity and automation of the MozyPro product was impressive, and the low price made it ideal for the small community bank.

The State Bank of Geneva is a locally-owned Illinois bank in a town of 23,000 people where the focus is on customers’ individual banking needs. All 24 bank employees use the single location to serve the customers they know by name and even host an annual end-of-summer customer barbeque, complete with hot dogs, drinks, and entertainment. More than 100 years of rich history within the community has established the bank as a resource for the people.

Director of IT Rick Razum is the bank’s internal technology resource. He manages the day-to- day IT needs for the bank and oversees any new product, software, or hardware implementation. Protecting business and client data is vital to Razum, whose regimen also includes data backup maintenance.

"Prior to December 2007, we ran backups every day and took them off-site each Friday. Moving the backups only a few miles from the bank wasn’t sufficient and our efforts to protect our data needed to be better," Razum said. "Moving and maintaining the on-site backups was time consuming, and the physical location was a concern. What if something happened to those off-site backups? My main fear was a tornado hitting both the bank and the backups, which was a chance I didn’t want to take."

Razum needed a backup solution that would fulfill his two primary needs. First, he needed a solution that was not susceptible to physical damage, but rather stored off-site at a secure location. Secondly, Razum hoped to identify a solution that would support many file types and deliver restores easily without requiring much time. After researching many backup offerings, Razum realized he could easily meet both needs—at a price the bank could afford—with MozyPro online backup.

Implementation of the MozyPro client went well. The bank now backs up three servers and one remote machine without any glitches. Razum discovered that staging the initial backup in smaller increments was most effective, and within a week all data was securely protected. The MozyPro support team worked with Razum to establish an optimum daily backup time, which further increased the efficiency and speed of his backups.

"I now receive an e-mail every day that briefs me on the status of my backups and details when the last one occurred. Knowing these backups take place many miles away at MozyPro’s data centers is a relief," Razum said. "The simplicity of the Mozy system has made my job easier and the bank more efficient and secure."

The bank’s previous solution required 3-4 hours per week for regular maintenance and even longer if there were problems with the backups. MozyPro requires significantly less maintenance time, which ultimately converts to money saved. Choosing MozyPro and spending only 15 minutes per week on backup maintenance has saved the bank 89 percent in backup costs.

"The simplicity of Mozy is great for a small business, but the features are so enabling and well- designed that Mozy is ideal for larger companies as well. The quality of product for an affordable rate is unmatched," Razum said. "I can monitor the bank’s data needs and easily upgrade to more storage space as needed, then allocate that space accordingly."

Exchange and SQL applications for the bank are easily supported by MozyPro, and the bank plans to implement a virtual machine with images that MozyPro will back up as well. While MozyPro reliably supports full machine backups, Razum appreciates the option to manually choose which files to back up and selects the bank’s most critical files first. MozyPro even does automatic updates of the client so Razum doesn’t have to worry about installing new versions or updates.

A larger-scale restore was done as part of data retrieval testing along with several smaller restores of individual files. All restores were simple to do and proved to Razum that MozyPro promptly delivers. He appreciates that DVDs can also be shipped directly to the business location, further reducing time spent on downloading data and rebuilding a company’s operations. MozyPro provides peace of mind that restoring data after a loss is a quick and simple process.

"We’re a simple small business with standard backup needs that doesn’t want all the bells and whistles, but needs secure data. Mozy allows us to grow while keeping things simple," Razum said. "Other businesses have complex backup needs, such as a business with a main hub and remote users. Mozy meets those needs, too; it is ideal for any type or size of business."

About The State Bank of Geneva

The State Bank of Geneva was founded by local businessmen in 1903 and continues to be locally owned and operated. All dedicated employees know each customer by name and strive to instill community growth by being fiscally conservative. Offerings include savings accounts, trust accounts, commercial loans, and consumer loans. Market familiarity helps the bank stay informed about the needs of the community and serve customers better with a selection of quality products and services. For more information, visit