"Mozy's like insurance—you buy it hoping you'll never need it," says Bob Iles, a five-year MozyHome customer. Like most Mozy customers, Iles subscribed to the service because he had no reliable backup for his personal laptop and wanted to protect himself against typical, accidental data loss, such as mistakenly deleted files, crashed hard drives, and malware attacks. But Mozy helped him recover data and reclaim his property from a very different kind of attack—a car theft!

In September 2011, Iles went on a camping trip and left his car, with his laptop locked inside, in a hotel parking lot in Ontario, CA. When he returned from the trip, the car was nowhere in sight. Local police recovered the stolen car a week later, but all of his personal belongings, including the laptop, were gone. Frustrated by the loss, he took heart in the fact that the data was safely backed up to the Mozy cloud. Iles bought a new machine and restored his key personal and professional documents to the replacement laptop. "I kissed the old laptop goodbye and downloaded all of my files from Mozy onto the new laptop, and I thought that was the end of it," he says. "The recovery process was so simple that I don't even remember sitting there doing it."

If that was the end of the story, it would be a garden-variety laptop restoration from the Mozy cloud—a success, certainly, but not a triumph over crime. That portion of the tale begins months later, when Iles received a reminder email from Mozy about the expiration of the service contract on his old, stolen laptop. After contacting Mozy to point out that the machine had been stolen and no longer needed service, Chris, one of Mozy's customer service experts, sprang into action.

He quickly determined that the stolen laptop was still being used, and that a large amount of information which could be used to identify the new "owner" could be provided to law enforcement. "Chris was very tenacious. He said that he really wanted to help me get the laptop back and stop people from stealing laptops," Iles says. "He fed information to me, I fed it to the police, and we finally got a detective to go out and track down the woman with my laptop."

Ontario police retrieved the laptop, which the woman reportedly purchased from a stereo shop near her workplace. Reclaiming the laptop required Iles to take a day off of work and drive to the police station—by far the most complicated step in the process. "I was very surprised at the level of personal service I got from Mozy. Chris went above and beyond any level of my expectations," he says. "I hope I never have reason to do a full data restore from Mozy again, but I know that everything's going to be there for me when I need it."