Accidentally saving an edited image or document over the original is one of the easiest ways to lose your data, and it's happened to almost everyone who has ever sat down in front of a computer. When it happened to Donna Saffren, it was heartbreaking. She was editing a photograph featuring herself with an ill, elderly friend, creating a cropped version with her own image for use as an online avatar. A moment too late, she realized that she was clicking "Save" instead of "Save As," and was crushed to realize that the photo of her friend was lost.

As a four-year Mozy user, however, Saffren realized that just because the original file was no longer on her laptop, it did not mean the image was lost forever. She and her husband had used the service once before to do a complete laptop restore, and after considering the situation she realized that Mozy protects her from small calamities as well as large data losses. "It took me about 45 minutes, but then I realized that I should check Mozy," she says. "And it was so simple—the original photo was right there, waiting for me to restore it!"

Saffren actually uses two Mozy services – MozyHome to protect her personal computer, and MozyPro to back up the data for Midtown Montessori, the preschool she runs in Santa Cruz, CA. Her husband is also a dedicated Mozy client. "My husband is a geek—I'm a simple, straightforward user, so he told me that we both really needed to have our data backed up," she says. "And Mozy makes it as simple as I need it to be. I set it and forget it. It's definitely worth the money!"

Since restoring the precious photo, Saffren has expanded her use of Mozy cloud storage to include the Mozy Sync service. She tracks her volunteer time as well as a home business through Sync documents because the service makes it easy for her to edit the same document at home, at the school, or wherever she is. "I may not know what an IP address is, but I do know that I want to have my data stored online and backed up automatically, because if I'm in Tokyo and my laptop crashes, I know I can restore it immediately," she says.

With her irreplaceable memory protected in the Mozy cloud and safely restored to her computer, Saffren had just one thing more to say in conclusion: "You guys rock! Thank you!"