Thanks to MozyPro, I now have more time to concentrate on higher-level business operations.

Since Dreambuilder Investments, LLC began in 2001, Jonathan Snyder tried several backup solutions looking for the most efficient and time-effective solution to protect sensitive company data. Now MozyPro helps him safeguard against disaster and focus on higher-level business operations, while saving the company more than $5,000 each year.

As both CTO and VP of operations at Dreambuilder Investments, LLC, Jonathan Snyder knows what it feels like to be busy. In a 60-hour workweek, Snyder juggles the rigorous demands of meetings, vendors, IT consultants, and more than 150 emails per day, all demanding his attention. For Snyder, time is a novelty.

Snyder and his team at Dreambuilder Investments purchase existing mortgages in danger of foreclosure, helping banks and homeowners find the best strategy to fit their needs. As a result, large amounts of business-critical data are regularly stored on company desktops and laptops.

All of Dreambuilders’ client financial information and transactional files between banks, homeowners, and lawyers must be protected, making data backup an essential company obligation. Snyder first tried a local backup solution, but even after the $3,000 investment, the task was time-consuming and tedious.

"Somebody needs to be responsible for swapping the tape out every so often for backups to run and everyone on our team is overworked as it is," Snyder said. "Manual backups are too time- consuming and prohibit us from doing any actual work, so our backups were virtually nonexistent."

Snyder decided offsite storage was a better solution as it eliminates the need to worry about storing tapes and discs. In the event of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster, company data would still be accessible.

Xdrive, an online storage provider, proved inadequate for Dreambuilder since backing up remote users was near impossible. With various employees working remotely, Snyder needed an offsite backup company to more efficiently and time-effectively back up in-house databases, Outlook PSTs and extensive Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

Searching for yet another backup solution, Snyder came across MozyPro in an online PC World article and contacted the company for more information.

"I emailed back and forth with Josh Coates (CEO/founder) a few times and he gave me some great information," Snyder said. "I was impressed that the CEO would take time to answer my questions directly. I knew MozyPro was the best service for us, and the extremely competitive pricing made it even easier to make the switch."

Snyder was able to save $5,000 per year, or 42 percent, by choosing MozyPro online backup. Snyder was also impressed with MozyPro’s Administrative Console, which allows him to add new clients, admins and users, increase quotas, set up automatic email alerts, and more.

"Of all the interfaces I have tried, MozyPro’s Admin Console is my favorite," Snyder said. "Before MozyPro, I was always nervous someone would not back up their computers as they said they would, and I literally lost sleep at night. Now I can back up every computer in our company remotely and easily manage employee accounts online at one place. My concerns about the security of our data have reduced dramatically."

Hours previously spent on manual backups are now spent on more important business affairs, saving the company $2,000 in hardware and $3,000 in time each year.

"As chief technology officer and vice president of operations, I don’t have the time to worry about whether or not someone changed the tapes or if our employees are backing up their data," he said. "Thanks to MozyPro, I now have more time to concentrate on higher-level business operations. I wish I had implemented this years ago."