We wanted something that didn't require our users to be in an office or on a VPN to use. Cloud services offered the ability to keep our users continually backed up.

Dallas, Texas-based Dynamex, North America's leading same-day delivery and logistics services company, turned to Mozy for comprehensive cloud backup of business-critical files. Over 350 users enjoy the safety and security of continuous backup in the secure Mozy cloud, and the company spends 75 percent less time on backup-and-restore support issues.

Dynamex was looking for an improved strategy to back up its users desktops and laptops. A shared network fileserver was available and users were encouraged to use it for critical documents, but it was inconvenient to use and, as a result, difficult to enforce. As a result, every time a laptop was lost or stolen, and every time a hard drive failed, valuable work was lost.

As part of a broader redundancy planning initiative, Dynamex identified reliable backup as an important priority. To provide maximum protection, the company sought a cloud solution. "We wanted something that didn't require our users to be in an office or on a VPN to use," says John Cowen, Windows System Administrator at Dynamex. "Cloud services offered the ability to keep our users continually backed up."

After considering a competing solution, Dynamex selected Mozy due to its flexibility and ease of administration. The Mozy interface enables Cowen to exclude unnecessary items such as personal media files, as well as large email attachments already backed up by the company's corporate Exchange server. Tailoring the backups to focus on critical documents improves performance, making the Mozy solution a better fit. "The other product would not allow us to configure the backup parameters ourselves—we would have had to pay high consulting fees for changes," he says.

Mozy gives Dynamex high-performance backup capability in both the US and Canada. With remote deployment via LANDesk, the deployment and operation is truly hands-free for end users. "I have been very impressed with the silent install and the ability to flex the configuration for each user, and selectively include and exclude different types of files and file folders," Cowen says.

Whether the task is a single file restoration or a complete laptop re-imaging, Mozy has provided peace of mind and reliable data protection to Dynamex's growing user base, while freeing up IT support resources for more complicated tasks. "Restoration tasks that would have taken four hours in the past can now be done in just one hour," he says. "Mozy has been a huge time-saver."

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