I would recommend Mozy to any business because it meets all the important criteria for a business to feel confident their data is secure. It is off-site, automatic, and gives quality protection at an affordable price.

MozyPro online backup was the ideal solution for accounting firm Emmons & Co. The firm tried on-premise backup and another online provider, but ran into service, space, and cost issues that prohibited secure protection of the company's data. The accountants now have greater peace of mind knowing the scalable, easy-to-use, and automatic MozyPro backup is in place.In 2001 Paul Emmons founded Oklahoma-based accounting firm Emmons & Co. The full-service firm works with nearly 600 clients to meet a variety of accounting and consulting needs. About 70 percent of the firm's services are tax related, requiring the two full-time certified public accountants to bring on two part-time CPAs during the busy accounting season.

Data backup is crucial for accountants because of the seasonality of the profession and the sensitivity of client data. Employees work with and create a variety of critical documents, including tax returns, and work extensively with QuickBooks and e-mail. Emmons has always sought the best protection for business and client data by employing multiple types of backup solutions. He used an on-premise drive solution in conjunction with an online solution and set both to run backups automatically so he could focus on running his business. As time progressed, however, Emmons soon realized both solutions were inadequate and failed to deliver the high-quality protection he needed.

Our data is too important to treat lightly, and as I ran into space, service, and cost issues I knew I needed something new," Emmons said. "The on-premise solution only supported a designated amount of space, and additional drives were expensive. The online solution was supposed to provide unlimited storage and grow with our data, but instead problems arose, backups failed, and the solution ultimately quit working.

Any time not spent on administrative tasks is billable time spent with clients, and in a business that essentially sells time, Emmons and his staff can't afford to waste valuable minutes managing backups or trying to solve backup issues. The firm needed a backup solution that would run automatically, especially during tax season, and easily expand to support growing amounts of data.

A technology writer had reviewed and recommended MozyPro online backup over the firm's previous solution, so Emmons began researching the product. He wanted online backup because of the secure protection and simple automation, but needed a solution that actually delivered. His current online solution had not fulfilled those claims. As Emmons researched the MozyPro offering, he realized it would in fact provide greater protection, automation, and reliability, all at a low price.

"I've seen many people be religious about backups, only to be unable to retrieve them when most needed. I couldn't put the firm at that type of risk," Emmons said. "With Mozy, my data is securely backed up over the internet and stored far away at Mozy's secure data centers, but I feel like it's at my finger tips and easily retrievable. Knowing my data is safe and accessible at all times is essential.

Visual control and quick recognition of backups is important to Emmons. Icon overlays, which display check marks on backed up files, are helpful for him and require a simple glance at the computer screen to know business data is secure. The Admin Console is user friendly and allows casual users to check for simple updates or more advanced users to explore the MozyPro software features in depth.

The set-it-and-forget-it nature of Mozy is most appreciated. Backups are critical for us, but we can't spend serious time making sure they work," Emmons said. "We all sleep better knowing a natural disaster or power surge won't destroy our livelihood. Mozy makes my job easier and our firm more secure.

MozyPro is similar in price to Emmons' previous online solution, but gives him much more control and peace of mind because of its reliable automation. He easily handles all backup needs, whereas his other solution became problematic and he couldn't solve the problem or afford to spend time trying. Emmons is impressed by the way MozyPro handles growing amounts of data without any hiccups and steadily performs reliable backups just as it claims it will.

And while the on-premise hard drive backup is still present, it's not Emmons' primary backup solution. MozyPro's simplicity and accessibility quicken file recovery. Hoping backups will work when needed is unnecessary with MozyPro.

I would recommend Mozy to any business because it meets all the important criteria for a business to feel confident their data is secure," Emmons said. "It is off-site, automatic, and gives quality protection at an affordable price. The ability to set backups and move on to other responsibilities is invaluable and something no other solution has given me.

About Emmons & Co.

Emmons & Co. is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is committed to providing outstanding tax, accounting, and consulting services. Employees do what they say they will and complete work when promised. People are the firm's primary assets and client relationships are built and based on trust, respect, and genuine interest in overcoming accounting challenges. The full service portfolio includes tax and compliance, accounting, consulting services, and bookkeeping and payroll services. For more information, visit http://emmonscpa.com.