Mozy doesn't require a lot of administration, which is nice when there's one IT manager for 137 employees.

eVerge Group of Plano, Texas is a broad-spectrum IT consulting firm with over 100 employees and contractors working from coast to coast. Although the company was comfortable with its central office backup solution, its field employees were left to their own devices, with no formal backup policy or procedures. This left both users and the company unprotected against data loss—a risk which reared its head when an employee took sensitive intellectual property off a company laptop before returning it, completely blanked, as he left the firm.

That incident highlighted the need for a backup solution that was not only reliable but also provided insurance against any future bad behavior. "Upper management wanted a copy of that hard drive, and I couldn't give it to them," says James Petre, eVerge Group IT Manager. "We needed to go to the cloud and obtain a solution that could help us protect and control our data."

MozyPro's comprehensive remote administration options made it the clear choice for eVerge. Rollout was as simple as creating user accounts and emailing instructions to employees, who were able to quickly and remotely install the Mozy solution. Because Mozy backups are done without user intervention, users are constantly protected, and eVerge has consistent control over its field data. The administration console makes it possible for eVerge to see which employees are current, enabling Petre to quickly contact users who have not been connected to the Internet long enough to complete backups in recent weeks. "Mozy doesn't require a lot of administration, which is nice when there's one IT manager for 137 employees," he says. "The administration console is fantastic, and has made even more strides forward since we first became Mozy users."

Remote access has also proven useful for employees separated from their work computers, such as a consultant who traveled to India but left his laptop behind. By logging into MozyPro from a computer in India, he was able to retrieve crucial work documents and share revisions with his project manager, with no downtime.

Since first adopting Mozy over one year ago, eVerge has called upon Mozy to retrieve lost files multiple times, with both online and DVD restores. The reliability, personal phone technical support, and efficiencies offered by MozyPro's cloud backup have made it an indispensable cornerstone of Petre's toolkit. "In the old world before Mozy, we would be in major trouble if a laptop drive crashed. There was nothing we could do," he says. "Now, with MozyPro, we can quickly recover any laptop to the exact state it was in before a crash."