“When I can say we have never been failed by Mozy, the client instantly trusts the solution,” Montague says.

From startup to large IT services company

Executech was founded to fill a specific niche: to become Utah’s premier IT provider for companies with a computer network not large enough to justify hiring a full-time technician. Executech’s mission is to provide worry-free IT with experienced Tier III technicians. Almost 20 years later, Executech has distinguished itself as the state’s dominant IT services company. By specializing in custom-built solutions that provide reliable uptime and save money, company founder and president Eric C. Montague has transformed Executech from a small startup into the largest IT services company in Utah and the largest in the Intermountain West.

Executech has been a Mozy customer for almost 10 years and uses the backup service for revision history, security, and 2x protection to meet the needs of its customers. Executech also relies on the Mozy Data Shuttle service for both onboarding its new customers and handling “crash emergencies.” Montague understands the importance of protecting business-critical data; he has to. His company backs up 55 terabytes of data, including data from more than 400 mission-critical servers.

“Mozy has saved the day for us!”

Executech relies on Mozy 2xProtect to automatically back up its customers’ files locally to an external drive. “This feature not only allows us to back up our clients’ data locally, it also allows us to back up their data to the Mozy cloud,” Montague says. “This ensures that our clients get double protection for their important information.”

That kind of protection has been instrumental in helping Executech build its business—and its reputation. “Mozy has never failed an Executech client who is protected by Mozy online backup,” Montague says. “Whenever we have needed a backup, if it has been on Mozy, we have had the data. Mozy has positively impacted many clients when failure has occurred.” He adds, “Mozy has also dramatically helped our bottom line in regard to net profits, allowing us to become better at what we do and to grow into a larger organization.”

Montague emphasizes that using Mozy helps his business provide a unique service to his clients. “Mozy has given Executech and our clients much greater peace of mind in the security and operability of our business because our data and our customers’ data is protected,” he says. “Mozy has minimized risk by eliminating cumbersome backups that require human action to complete.”

Not only does Mozy create peace of mind, it generates positive feedback from satisfied customers. Montague smiles when he shares a recent communication from one of his customers: “We love, love, love Mozy! Mozy has saved the day for us!”

Montague says that Executech readily recommends Mozy backup. “Mozy has never failed us,” he says. “We have some other products we use when price is the only decision factor, yet every one of those other products have failed us.”

Mozy and threat of ransomware

But backing up data in the event of hardware failure or human error is only part of the data protection equation. With the growing threat of malware attacks—ransomware in particular—protecting his customers’ data is increasingly more and more important. Montague said that many of his clients have been the victims of ransomware attacks. “I have seen more than 100 such attacks in recent months,” he acknowledges. “Ransomware attacks are happening weekly now.”

Executech Bestof State
Executech is a five-time winner of the Best of State award in the Technology category.

In fact, Mozy has rescued his customers’ data more than 30 times. “One such incident involved a large health care provider that had over 1 terabyte of data encrypted in a ransomware attack,” he recalls. “We were able to get a Mozy Data Shuttle of their data that same day and have them up and running by the opening of the next business day!”

Montague recalls another attack on a customers’ data; however, the result of this particular attack was very different from a ransomware disaster.

Without Mozy, client's business would have failed

Recently, the office of an Executech client was burglarized. “The thieves stole every piece of technology in the office,” Montague says. “The customer is one of Utah’s largest and most-awarded home builders. They had 38 homes in process at the time of the burglary. We were notified of the burglary, and had a new server up and running that business day with the most critical data downloaded from the Mozy website. Had we not been able to get schedules, bids and project management files quickly, many people’s homes would have had major scheduling issues and the company would have failed financially if we hadn’t been able to get their QuickBooks data back.”

In Montague’s line of business, backup is always a hot topic of discussion when talking to a potential client. Fortunately, Mozy backup is a part of that discussion. “When I can say we have never been failed by Mozy, the client instantly trusts the solution,” he says. “I often look for the ‘silver bullet’ when trying to land a client,” he adds. “Backup is often that silver bullet. I will have someone call multiple clients who have had a failure but fortunately had Mozy to recover their data.”

Montague relates another incident that involved a large corporate foreign currency exchange bank. “They were attacked by ransomware,” he says. “It was a double ransomware, meaning the cybercriminals encrypted the data and then encrypted the encrypted data again. They wanted $15K in ransom. We were able to get their files back by using Mozy to restore their data to a known point in time prior to the ransomware attack. We got critical data immediately and then got the rest of the data within 24 hours.”

Mozy is a part of company’s success

Of note is that Montague is a v100 winner, an award that recognizes the 100 most successful entrepreneurs in Utah. He was also named as a Utah Business Magazine's "40 under 40," an award honoring the 40 most successful business leaders under the age of 40. Mozy has been a part of that success.

“We are very proud of the reputation of our company and of the impeccable customer service that we provide,” Montague says. “We love Mozy. We can choose any backup provider we want, and we choose Mozy. ‘Nuff said!”