Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an innovative public school offering accredited K-12 online education, free to Florida residents. Keeping the digital classroom running smoothly means keeping the 2,000 teachers in the FLVS faculty online and with consistent access to their classroom data. After struggling for years with complex and sluggish external hard drive backups and laptop replacement processes which took a week or more, FLVS switched to MozyPro and has cut the delay in data restoration by over 75 percent.

FLVS faculty are each issued a laptop to manage their coursework. Although much of the course data is stored on central servers, teachers maintain a great deal of projects and notes on their individual machines. Before adopting MozyPro's cloud backup solution, FLVS issued external hard drives, but adoption was low. When a laptop lost data or crashed, teachers were issued a new, clean machine but would often lose crucial data because there was no reliable backup available. The passionate instructors on the FLVS faculty were often frustrated by these setbacks. "You haven't experienced stress until you've been on the phone with a teacher upset because they have lost their work," said John Roebuck, Manager of Compliance and Desktop Services.

With an email and direct outreach campaign, Roebuck's department transitioned the entire faculty to MozyPro over a three month period, with over 85 percent of teachers installing the software themselves after receiving email reminders. The virtual school has seen strong growth since the initial rollout in December 2011 and has added more than 1,000 teachers since the first deployment. All new laptops come with MozyPro preconfigured to provide consistent backup of crucial instructor data, right down to minute details such as Outlook email signatures. "MozyPro was a great solution for our needs. It didn't require the user to touch our network domain, and it gave us central management capabilities that other cloud backup systems couldn't match."

Before committing to Mozy, FLVS also considered building its own data backup system with Iron Mountain, but the cost was more than twice as much as the MozyPro solution. MozyPro not only offered a superior price, but a powerful administration console that makes it easy for Roebuck and his staff to configure backup schedules for thousands of teachers. The administration console prepares detailed audits and reporting on backup compliance, ensuring that the support team can reach out to teachers if their laptops have not been connected long enough to complete scheduled backups.

Under the previous plan, teachers would be down for a minimum of three class days, and often a week or more. With MozyPro, that has been reduced to less than a day in many circumstances. FLVS prefers to replace laptops when there is a major data loss and conduct the restoration mirror in the central office, although some teachers do conduct their own individual data recovery through the MozyPro user interface. The rapid laptop replacement program MozyPro helps make possible cuts $70 in shipping costs from every data outage, but more important is the incalculable ROI of a faculty that stays more connected with its students. "We just want the teachers to know that the data is there, and it's safe," Roebuck said. "This was the right thing to do, because our teachers are happy and focused on their students, not worried about whether their information is going to be lost."