Backups take longer with Carbonite. MozyPro seems more industrial-strength, and gets the job done every night.

Family-owned Gar Tootelian serves over 1,300 Central California growers with pest control, water management, and equipment to protect crops. Based in Reedley, CA, the company has used MozyPro to back up its central servers since 2009, with plans to roll out Mozy to individual user machines in the near future.

Founded in 1949, the company has experimented with all manner of backup solutions in years past before committing to Mozy Pro. Tape proved slow, unreliable, and lacked the freedom and flexibility to restore data from anywhere. Carbonite demonstrated itself to be too slow for corporate user. "Backups take longer with Carbonite," says Gregory Musson, Gar Tootelian president and CEO. "MozyPro seems more industrial-strength, and gets the job done every night."

Then it happened: a hardware failure compromised the storage on one of Gar Tootelian's key servers. Despite several layers of redundancy, conventional backup solutions could at best restore everything but the previous week's data. Only the MozyPro backup was able to restore data back to the previous day. "Restoring was easy. Mozy really saved our butts!" says Musson.

Before the data loss, Gar Tootelian had all but forgotten that MozyPro was running on its machines. The solution simply ran in the background, maintaining a constant backup of all crucial data, with no need for user intervention. But when the time came to do the first restoration, Musson found it easy to master. "It was a pleasure to see how unexpectedly easy it was to do a restore the first time we needed it," he says. "My programs, software, and databases were completely intact."

A recent data loss incident on a machine not covered by Mozy Pro has spurred Gar Tootelian to step up the deployment of Mozy Pro to more servers and individual computers. A four-drive array experienced a severe hardware failure, which will cost $5,000 and weeks of labor to restore. "MozyPro could have prevented that, instead of shutting down those processes for days," Musson says.