Itron, a global energy technology company, switched from two legacy vendors to Mozy as their primary cloud backup provider. With the change, Itron shaved valuable time from the arduous support time invested in data interruptions, while gaining flexibility and reliability that was deficient from their previous provider. Today, Mozy backs up data for 2,400 of Itron's North American and international field force employees.


Change was in order following a series of disappointments Itron had with two backup providers being used concurrently – one, the cloud version of a product handling the backups of up to 90% of Itron's desktops and laptops; and the other, an on-premise solution backing up the remaining 10% of the company. Due to issues Itron experienced with both providers, they adopted Mozy in November of 2010.

Under the previous solutions, updating and configuring user clients was extremely difficult, administrative options were narrow, and experience showed that the backups were difficult to retrieve and ultimately unreliable. "There was a groundswell from people in the IT trenches because of repeated attempts to restore data that ended up being massive failures," says Dylan Pegoraro, IT Operations Manager at Itron.


MozyEnterprise's cloud architecture is the ideal solution for Itron's mobile workers, who often connect from remote locations over cellular networks allowing for consistent backup protection. "The cloud was important to the needs of our travelers. We didn't want to require a VPN connection to maintain our backups."

With thousands of users in Itron's field force using the MozyEnterprise solution, configuring appropriate backup sets is crucial to protecting the company's critical business data. Only MozyEnterprise gave Itron the flexibility it needed to quickly and efficiently define backup sets for the entire company. "It was shocking when we looked at other vendors to see how hard it was to define backup sets and push those configurations to clients," he says. "It would have been a very manual process with any solution other than Mozy."


With Mozy's easy restoration interface, Itron can easily streamline their full restores for the dozen or more restores completed within an average month. As provisioned by the Itron administrators, end-users have also consistently used the self-service capabilities to restore individual lost files which have been accidentally deleted or overwritten. "MozyEnterprise has reduced the involvement of IT and made our users happier, particularly when they can solve problems themselves," he says.

As a global company, Itron has IT staff at various local, remote and corporate-wide levels. Because Mozy's administrative interface is so flexible, Itron can enable local staff to perform important support tasks, such as initiating data restoration or reassigning security keys, without exposing enterprise-wide controls or configurations for global backup sets. "It's important to us to not only be able to restrict administrative controls to protect our corporate data, but also avoid putting the burden of day-to-day support tasks on the global administrators," Pegoraro says.

With MozyEnterprise, Itron has turned what was once its greatest technical challenge into an effortless, streamlined and secure process. "Backup restoration used to be the number one IT pain point. Now we have no problem with it, and that has made MozyEnterprise very popular in our department," he says. "We can say to the business that we are consistently and reliably backing up the data we need."