When I realized how easy to use and affordable Mozy is, the obvious choice was to make it my backup solution.

Joseph W. Booth left a larger law firm to start his own and sidestepped expensive IT hardware and the need for an IT staff by using several software-as-a-service programs. Located in the Midwest, he wondered what would happen if a tornado wiped out his system. Booth implemented online backup with MozyPro and is now confident his firm and business data can weather any storm.

The American Bar Association quickly put together a task force in 2005 to help devastated victims recover from Hurricane Katrina. Joseph W. Booth was one of thousands of attorneys who volunteered his time and resources to those in need. He attended committee meetings, helped guide ABA relief to victims, and provided training materials for child support.

This experience convinced Booth that business-crucial data is always vulnerable—especially for a family law firm located in the Midwest. At the time, Booth was a partner at a firm in Lenexa, Kansas—another area of the country prone to natural disasters.

Booth began making plans to start his own firm at the top of his career after having been a partner in many firms. But braving a recession and knowing how quickly costs add up, Booth chose to neither invest in costly IT products nor employ an IT staff. He instead relied on a variety of software- as-a-service, or SaaS, programs when beginning operations in January 2009.

“When opening a new business in these economic times, I had to be smart about my investments. I wasn’t about to spend $8,000-$10,000 on IT to start a single law office,” Booth said. “I could have used a server, billing software, e-mail management, and backup system, but I felt SaaS was a more reliable and cost-efficient option.”

He began with a wireless internet base station and external hard drive, allowing his staff to access the shared drive by logging onto the Wi-Fi base. He then added several SaaS products, including e-mail and calendaring, creating an affordable and easy-to-manage system for his new firm.

Booth had experience with on-site tape backup at a previous firm and knew he lacked discipline for the exhaustive maintenance of changing out tapes. On-site backup was not the safest, easiest, or most cost-efficient option for him. Thus Booth was propelled to another SaaS offering: online backup with MozyPro. Booth has saved 92 percent in backup costs by choosing MozyPro rather than installing costly RAID servers and associated hardware.

“When I realized how easy to use and affordable Mozy is, the obvious choice was to make it my backup solution,” Booth said. “It is transparent and works on its own. I can easily access the Admin Console and oversee the backups from my personal computer, but I rarely have to do anything.”

Not even off-site physical backups would be fully efficient for Booth because he wouldn’t have quick access to them like he does with the MozyPro Admin Console. A disaster in his region would most likely destroy all physical backups, so Booth feels the piece of mind from knowing his data is secure is priceless. He was also pleased to learn MozyPro was user-friendly and, as with other SaaS services, he could pay as he goes for only the amount of storage he needs.

“Mozy and other SaaS products allow me to buy what I need today, use it, and buy more as the need arises,” Booth said. “With hardware, everything you invest in eventually needs replacing and has higher associated costs. Mozy is easy to use, affordable, and provides me peace of mind in knowing that the information critical to my business is secure and accessible – no matter what.”

Booth appreciates that MozyPro can back up the external drive shared by members of his firm— something other backup offerings couldn’t provide. An added bonus is the 24/7 customer service from the MozyPro support team.

“I called several businesses when I was deciding between backup offerings. I am always pleased with Mozy’s responsiveness,” Booth said. “I have contacted Mozy on weekends and during regular business hours. Their support team is always competent, courteous, and empathetic. As a user of several SaaS services, Mozy tops the list for personal service.”

About the Law Offices of Joseph W. Booth

The Law offices of Joseph W. Booth offers family law services including: surrogate parenting contracts, divorce, parentage, support, custody, and adoptions. As a Kansas attorney, Mr. Booth is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a Fellow of the International Academy of International Lawyers. The office handles cases of both local and international aspects. Mr. Booth is a member of the Law Practice and Technology committee of the ABA Family Law section.