An American icon

If you’ve heard of baseball, then you’ve heard of Louisville Slugger. The baseball bat maker is synonymous with America’s favorite sport. So much so that you could just as easily say “Baseball and Louisville Slugger” as you could “Baseball and apple pie.” The company is truly an American icon.

Located in its namesake’s city in Kentucky, Louisville Slugger started making wooden bats in 1884 and has had the biggest names in baseball history—including Hank Aaron, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams among others—rely on their wooden masterpieces. Today’s stars also depend on Louisville Slugger for the perfect bat. And Louisville Slugger depends on Mozy to protect their data and keep it safe and accessible in the Mozy cloud.

Data loss is never an option

“Data loss for any company—and certainly for our company—would be devastating because it would set us back in being able to compete, and we are in a highly, highly competitive business,” says Rick Redman, VP of Corporate Communications at Louisville Slugger. “We cannot afford to lose a single minute, much less an hour or a day from data loss.

“Knowing that our data is there, that it’s backed up and that it’s protected, provides great confidence for us because of the competitive nature of our business,” Redman emphasizes. “We can’t allow any of those balls to hit the ground. We need to keep them all up in the air so that we can keep moving forward and not lose any of our data.”

Leadership is the result of innovation and more

Louisville Slugger has earned a reputation for being a leader in the industry not only because of their innovation, but because they’ve always emphasized quality, customer service, and great performance. It only makes sense that they depend on Mozy by EMC to safeguard their data in the cloud.

“We selected Mozy by EMC primarily because of the ease of use, the remote administration capability, and the cost,” says Chris Crofoot, director of IT at Louisville Slugger.

“The nice thing for me as a director is that Mozy by EMC allows me to schedule backups and then basically forget about them,” Crofoot says. “Mozy by EMC is doing its job in the background—and you don’t have to be monitoring it.”

Remote sales team requires dependable data backups

Louisville Slugger’s sales force is on the road literally 365 days a year, so it’s important that IT can support them remotely, and that includes backing up their systems. “We don’t have access to their machines, so we need to be able to manage that from a remote perspective,” Crofoot says.

Dan Rigol, director of Northeast Sales at Louisville Slugger, says, “I don’t have an office per se. Every store is my office, and every store is where I really hone in with my laptop when I sit down with the buyers and the owners and discuss how we can grow their business with Louisville Slugger. Sometimes I have a PowerPoint presentation, and sometimes I have a spreadsheet with pricing, discounts, and also sales histories.”

Knowing who to turn to when disaster strikes

In the event of a disaster, Rigol knows his data is always protected and accessible. “Mozy allows me to automatically back up, so if we did have a thunderstorm or other disaster, I know I’m safe. To have the ability to go into Mozy by EMC and do a couple of simple steps to restore is invaluable.”

Crofoot emphasizes that the value in their data isn’t necessarily in the data itself; it’s in the time that it would take them to restore a lost system from scratch if they had to. “We can restore remotely,” he says. “And if we had to replace a machine entirely, we can do that and next-day air it to them. Having a salesperson out of the field for even a week could result in thousands of dollars in lost sales. So, in those terms, Mozy by EMC is essentially priceless to us.”

Depending on the most advanced cloud technology

Crofoot says he wasn’t even the least bit concerned about adopting a cloud-based data protection service. “I know what it takes to build a quality data center,” he says. “I know that EMC has built quality data centers, so I know that my data is going to be there if I lose a laptop or machine today. And that data is still going to be there for me to replicate or access tomorrow.”

Louisville Slugger likes to say that they put the most advanced performance technology in the hands of today’s greatest players. We say that by using Mozy by EMC, Louisville Slugger has the most advanced cloud technology backing up and protecting their data.