Lyreco, a worldwide office products distributor based in Marly, France, has a number of on-the-go field managers with little time to manage external tape or disk backups to secure their data. As a result, the company operated with no official backup solution, which exposed Lyreco to significant risks and losses. "There were cases of disk failure when we would lose all of the information about customers in a territory," says Eric de Stoop, IS Manager at Lyreco. "We decided we needed more security."

After considering a number of solutions, Lyreco in France chose MozyPro for its stability, scalability, and security. What started as a plan to implement a backup standard just for sales managers has quickly spread to 250 users throughout the company, with further rollout planned.

Mozy's fast, incremental backup and unobtrusive background process results in data protection that is both more reliable and requires less administrative and user intervention than conventional backup solutions. Because Mozy offers data recovery services both online and through shipped physical media, users can restore data in the field, without losing time shipping computers back to the central office. "Mozy has reduced the number of returned PCs, and made it possible for our users to do their own data recovery," he says.

Between Mozy's transparent ease-of-use and its powerful administrative controls, Lyreco has dramatically improved the safety and stability of its remote users. "Since adopting MozyPro, we have had several crashed computers and a couple of stolen laptops. In each case, Mozy made sure we had no trouble getting our data back," he says. "The users are very satisfied when they see how quickly they can get back their information."

With always-on, cloud-hosted backup servers and best-in-class technical support, MozyPro continues to deliver peace of mind for hundreds of Lyreco users, while lightening the burden on IS managers and other support staff. "Mozy's solution is clearly the best choice for an IS department—there are no servers to manage and very little supervision is required," he says.