We could spend well over ten thousand dollars just to set up our own backup solution that would never be as reliable as Mozy’s, or pay a little each month for the assurance that Mozy is protecting our data. The decision was simple, and now I recommend Mozy to everyone.

N9NE Group lacked a consistent data backup system and knew its valuable business information was not secure. Rapid growth and success in the fast-paced Las Vegas entertainment industry necessitated a low-maintenance backup solution that could inexpensively expand as the amount of data grew. Discovery of MozyPro online backup has helped the company succeed with peace of mind that business data is secure.

Amid the Las Vegas strip is the Palms Casino Hotel, home to four night clubs and two exclusive restaurants owned by N9NE Group. The company is at the top of Las Vegas entertainment and boasts popular DJs and well-known chefs. Running a business in this fast-paced, competitive industry leaves little time to manage data backups, yet like many businesses, N9NE Group depends on its data for nearly every business function.

The main company server holds two terabytes of data, the design department operates exclusively on Macs, and point-of-sale systems are used broadly within the company. Club and restaurant managers rely heavily on schedules and forms every night, and finance managers must have up- to-the-minute data to effectively manage the high-volume business.

Berry Johnston was first contracted by the company to install a server, and at the time there were neither consistent backups nor a person responsible for swapping drives and making sure new media was purchased. An occasional side project of backing up business data to CDs was the company’s only approach to protecting its complex data repository. When Johnston eventually joined the company full time as IT manager, he knew he couldn’t trust the current approach to data backup.

“Data is priceless. I knew if something happened and we didn’t have a proper backup solution in place we would be finished,” Johnston said. “The intensity of labor, price of managing on-premise backups, and risk of human error in switching out media are too great. I immediately began researching different online backup companies and was most impressed by what I learned about MozyPro.”

Johnston learned that MozyPro has state-of-the-art data centers that securely back up data at an affordable price. Content about the data centers was genuine, and the network and power backup systems impressed Johnston, who has built data centers in the past and understands how quality can differ.

“We are backing up more than one terabyte of data, so the price will be large no matter what, but attempting to do backups ourselves and swap out media would be even more costly and too labor intensive. I can’t have an inadequate data center when I need to support that much data,” Johnston said.

He always investigates where the data center is located, if diesel backup generators are reliable, if redundant internet providers are used, and if the center has enough power to handle what it’s doing. MozyPro’s data centers met Johnston’s entire set of requirements and he feels confident there is no safer place for company data.

“We could spend well over ten thousand dollars just to set up our own backup solution that would never be as reliable as Mozy’s, or pay a little each month for the assurance that Mozy is protecting our data,” he said. “The decision was simple, and now I recommend Mozy to everyone.”

Last year Johnston easily monitored the company’s MozyPro backups 300 out of 365 days, which was a simple alternative to swapping media and moving it to a secure off-site location. N9NE Group saves $3,500 to $4,000 semi-annually by not having to change out media and purchase new media to maintain error-free file restoration. Not including the added cost of labor, the company was able to save a total of 50 percent in backup costs by choosing MozyPro over on-premise backup.

“The last thing I want to think about is the security of our business data. We had a user accidently delete three and a half gigabytes of data—essentially everything needed for her job. In this business we don’t have time to recreate documents,” Johnston said. “Within hours she had it all back and was nearly in tears she was so relieved. This was the first major recovery we did, and based on that experience we realized how valuable Mozy is to our organization.”

The military-grade encryption utilized by MozyPro was important to Johnston, as well as the auto- upgrade of the client. Both features assured him that MozyPro would not require extensive hardware, software, and time resources. Manually selecting files or folders through the configuration model is another feature that simplifies the backup process, and the ability to assign a large portion of data for backup convinced Johnston that any business can easily implement MozyPro.

Remote users can’t afford to spend valued time connecting to an on-premise backup source just to know their data is secure. With 2,000 total employees, 165 of which are on computers, MozyPro’s support of all file types is the ideal backup choice for N9NE Group. Johnston appreciates that business data doesn’t remain in the hands of individuals when they leave the company, but rather is always stored within the MozyPro virtual storehouse and easily grows with the company’s needs.

“Hardware is very expensive and it’s too easy to go beyond the space you purchase. When I run out of storage space with Mozy, I simply log in to my account and purchase more,” he said. “All I have to do is check the backup status to easily know our company’s backup health. Removing complicated hardware from the equation and relying on the Mozy client makes my job much easier.”

Should a MozyPro customer need assistance, as Johnston did early on, the customer support team is available 24/7 to help customers step by step with any troubleshooting.

“The initial backup was straightforward, but as I began using the software’s more advanced features, I had a few questions. I called support to figure out the best course of action,” Johnston said. “A great support agent helped me with everything. The support team was very proactive and didn’t just cut the apron strings once the problem was over. They really worked to figure out the best course of action for my exact scenario and give me additional tips.”

About N9NE Group

The N9NE Group is an entertainment company with locations in Las Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago. The company operates four Las Vegas night clubs and two high-end restaurants, Nove Italiano and N9NE Steak House, at the Palms Casino Resort. On the 55th floor of the resort is the Ghostbar, an 8,000 square foot club that offers 360 degree views of the city. Some of the top DJs and best chefs in the country are part of the N9NE Group, which also has steak houses at the Dallas and Chicago locations. For more information, visit http://9groupvegas.com.