My customers would not be happy about waiting three months. They don’t like to wait even three days for their information.

After a lightning strike nearly cost Netdrafter $60,000, company president Rachel Pastirik decided to back up online with MozyPro. Now the Virginia-based webdevelopment company can access files online and run automated backups, while cutting backup costs by 95 percent.

While house-sitting for a friend, Rachel Pastirik, president of Netdrafter, nearly lost months of work, valued at approximately $60,000, when lightning struck a two-foot hole in the roof and fried every appliance in the home. Pastirik’s two computers were safe only because she had them running on battery power. If Netdrafter, a web-development company in southwestern Virginia, had lost any data in the lightning strike, it would have taken at least 90 days to make any sense of it.

“My customers would not be happy about waiting three months,” Pastirik said. “They don’t like to wait even three days for their information.”

Netdrafter’s clients entrust Pastirik and her staff with confidential information used to develop and design company websites, implement software for secure online financial transactions, write online content, and assist with web and email marketing. Pastirik knows the 50 companies she serves – law offices, information technology firms, political candidates, and large circulation daily newspapers – cannot afford to lose vital company information or wait for their web development projects.

Backing up files to Netdrafter’s server was no longer sufficient. Pastirik wondered what would happen if a natural disaster occurred and she couldn’t get to where the server was stored. Without the ability to recover company and client data, she was afraid Netdrafter would quickly be out of business.

She decided to protect against data loss. From previous research, Pastirik knew online backup would allow her to securely store her files at a remote location and some backup companies offered web-based access to backed up files. If a natural disaster occurred in her area, she wanted the ability to restore her files over the web from anywhere in the world.

“The lightning strike was a big push to get online backup,” Pastirik said.

After the strike, Pastirik and her consultants began researching and soon found MozyPro. “We liked MozyPro the best because of the ability to do incremental backups and access our files online,” Pastirik said. With MozyPro, Netdrafter saves time and bandwidth because only changes to individual files or databases are saved after the initial backup.

Before automated backups, Netdrafter consultants spent more than twelve work hours each month backing up files to the server – if they remembered. Pastirik had to regularly remind everyone about backing up individual computers before leaving the office, but even then Pastirik felt uneasy because of the slow upload time to the server.

“Sometimes when you left work, you just had to hope the backup would be finished when you got back and that all the data made it to the server,” Pastirik said.

Now with MozyPro running backups automatically each evening, Netdrafter has reduced billable staff time spent backing up by 10 percent, resulting in a 95 percent savings.

“Before MozyPro, it cost us more than $1,000 each month in manpower to back up,” Pastirik said. “Now we pay much less. It’s a bargain. I tell people to just install it, walk away, and MozyPro will do the rest for you.”

Instead of worrying whether or not files make it to the server, today Pastirik has complete control over her backup. Through MozyPro’s web-based Admin Console, Pastirik can restore company files over the Internet, purchase additional gigabytes of storage space, track how storage quota is used, and customize files she wants to back up.

“Through the Admin Console you can pretty much do everything yourself without having to call somebody,” Pastirik said. “That’s huge for me. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person, and I don’t want to spend hours on the phone.”

Not only does Pastirik self-manage her backup, but MozyPro keeps her company and client files secure. All of the files Netdrafter backs up are encrypted before being sent through a secured route directly to the data centers, which are protected against earthquakes, fires, floods, and power surges or outages.

“It’s one thing to be responsible for only our documents and files, but because of the nature of our business, we’re responsible for backing up other businesses’ intellectual property,” Pastirik said. With MozyPro, Pastirik has peace of mind knowing that nine years of vital company files are protected.

“I got off easy with the lightning strike,” Pastirik said. “I feel like I was given a second chance with the company’s data, and now I am doing things the right way.”