Stringent regulations, including HIPAA requirements, make health care data some of the most sensitive in business today. So when Oregon Health Systems of Lake Oswego, OR wanted a more reliable and secure backup solution, MozyPro was the first and best choice for the organization. MozyPro is designed to meet the exacting needs of companies with strict enterprise and industry rules for data governance and safety. "HIPAA compliance requires us to have data stored offsite. It must be encrypted, and we must have full control of the backups," says Ryan Hopman, Project Manager and Systems Architect at Oregon Health Systems. "MozyPro keeps us compliant, and eliminates any worry of losing tapes."

Before adopting MozyPro, Oregon Health Systems, like many companies, rotated physical tapes. When a competitor lost physical media containing patient data while transferring it off-site, it became clear that the company needed to take the physical loss risk out of the equation.

Today, Oregon Health Systems manages data for over 10,000 health care providers in its MozyPro-backed databases and applications. Desktops and servers alike, including ESX virtual servers, are seamlessly backed up to the Mozy cloud. Hopman was able to quickly customize the Mozy administrative interface to meet the specific needs of his organization, including the seven-year retention period required by HIPAA.

Oregon Health Systems operates throughout the entire state of Oregon, and provides case management, managed care and cost containment services in several other western states. No matter when or where the company or its health care providers need access to case data, MozyPro provides the safe and trustworthy backstop they need to ensure cost-effective medical treatment and disability management. "MozyPro meets our business and regulatory needs in a set-it-and-forget-it way," Hopman says.