Mozy has helped plenty of people recover from malicious data loss—computers compromised with virus attacks, or simply stolen outright. However, many data loss incidents happen not because of an act of vandalism or theft, but because of a simple mistake. Pat Iyer of Flemington, NJ made one of these mistakes when she accidentally left her laptop behind on an airplane. "I was tired and distracted getting off of a flight in Philadelphia, and it wasn't until I was on my way home that I realized I had taken my computer bag but that my laptop was still on the plane," she says.

After realizing what had happened, Iyer contacted the airline immediately and they told her they would do their best to recover the laptop, but there were no guarantees. The data on the laptop was extremely important to her, personally and professionally. Even as she worried about what might happen to the laptop if it were not found by an honest person and turned in to the airline, she wanted to avoid as much downtime as possible.

Fortunately, Iyer heard about Mozy at a professional conference and had signed up as a MozyHome user before the incident. Because her laptop was completely and securely backed up in the Mozy cloud, she was able to restore the data to a spare laptop at home, ensuring that she could stay productive even if the laptop never found its way back to her. "When I was done beating myself up and the shock was wearing off, I realized that my data was safe and that Mozy would restore everything I needed," she says.

Working with Mozy customer support through phone and live chat, Iyer ran an overnight data restore, which put her back in business. "Mozy Support was very comforting and helped me walk through the entire process," she says.

The good news is that after a week and a half, the airline located the laptop and put it back in her hands. The better news is that she didn't have to wait for it to show up—MozyHome quickly put all her files back at her fingertips even while the lost laptop worked its way through the system. The best news is that Iyer hasn't lost her enthusiasm for travel. "Soon after, I went to Orlando and Salt Lake City for work, and then Colorado for pleasure," she says. "Mozy took the stress out of this situation, and made sure I lost nothing important."

Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC is a legal nurse consultant and president of and Many of Patricia Iyer’s 130 books, articles, chapters, online courses and case studies are stored on her laptop. She is a past president of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consulting. She has earned the designation of legal nurse consultant certified, the only legal nurse consulting certification recognized by the American Board of Nursing Specialties.