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It would have literally taken me months to replicate or replace the data I lost.... Mozy is a source of comfort.

Paul Jorgensen is just one of over 200 MozyPro users at the medical software company where he serves as Senior Vice President. Although a number of his peers have used Mozy's data restoration features due to accidents, damage, or theft, Jorgensen stands alone as the first and only to rely on Mozy's cloud backup service to quickly replace data swallowed by the Hudson River.

Jorgensen, a resident of Charlotte, NC, was on his way home from New York to spend the weekend with his family. His youngest child had a birthday coming up, and the family had tickets to a University of North Carolina basketball game. Unfortunately, Jorgensen was booked on US Airways Flight 1549 the afternoon of January 15, 2009—the plane which famously had to be ditched in the Hudson River due to engine failure. The crew and passengers were all rescued that day, but personal property was all left behind in the damaged, sinking plane. "I didn't have anything—no computer bag, no cell phone, no wallet, no laptop," he says. "All I had was the clothes I was wearing—and they were wet."

Having survived the personal calamity, Jorgensen now faced the prospect of rebuilding the professional resources that were left behind in the wounded airplane. "It would have literally taken me months to replicate or replace the data I lost."

Thanks to quick action on the part of Jorgensen's IT staff, and the team at Mozy, he was out of touch for less than a day. The next morning, a new laptop from his company arrived via courier, with a complete set of data restoration DVDs from Mozy. All of his data, current to just hours before stepping onto the doomed A320 aircraft, was restored in short order. "The restoration took 15 minutes of my time, following the straightforward prompts and the instructions of my IT department," he said. "Mozy made it simple to be back up and running in a single day. My computer was up and running, with nothing lost, before I was mentally ready to go back to work."

To date, the white-knuckle airplane adventure remains the only time Jorgensen has needed to call on Mozy's restoration services. But the experience left him convinced of the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of Mozy for his crucial enterprise data. "For a traveling sales guy on the run 70 hours per week, Mozy is a source of comfort," he says. "As many files as I have coming and going, I am never more than a day out of date, no matter what happens."