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MozyPro made our recovery a cut-and-dried process, and it ran so consistently that we never needed to worry about losing our data.

It has been wryly said of computers that they work best when not on fire. Unfortunately, Pelindaba Lavender, a fully-integrated lavender planting, harvesting, and value-added product manufacturing firm based in Friday Harbor, WA, suffered a catastrophic fire on May 31, 2009. In addition to wiping out the company's offices, manufacturing facilities, and most of its harvested inventory, the flames consumed the company's Macintosh server.

Pelindaba Lavender is an open-space preservation project and has been a thriving business since the late 1990s, currently with 25,000 plants under cultivation and about 250 products sold direct to consumers, from bakery goods to therapeutic remedies. Everything from manufacturing procedures and recipes to supplier data and packaging design went up in smoke when the offices burned. In essence, the company's entire operations were stored on that server, and starting over from scratch would have been devastating. "It would have taken months and months to recreate that information from memory and trial and error," says Amelia Powell, director of marketing and sales at Pelindaba Lavender.

Fortunately, Pelindaba had abandoned its sporadic offsite hard drive backup for reliable cloud backup through MozyPro. "We recognized that we had grown to a point where we needed a backup solution that was much more automatic, not something that would only happen when we remembered to do it."

Facing a tremendous business crisis just as the high season for its products was kicking into gear, Pelindaba wasted no time restarting its business and repopulating its crucial business server. Within 36 hours of the fire, Mozy had delivered the first backup DVDs and Pelindaba was able to start the data retrieval process to a newly purchased replacement server. "It was the worst time this could have happened—summer is our big season and we had no inventory except what was physically in our stores. But it was amazing how quickly Mozy enabled us to get our server hardware restored and running," she says.

Within one week, Pelindaba had restored its normal business operations in temporary office space and its new Macintosh server was ready to deliver all of the company's vital business operating information. "MozyPro made our recovery a cut-and-dried process, and it ran so consistently that we never needed to worry about losing our data," Powell says. "It gets two thumbs up from us all the way around."