Our emergency recovery plan requires more than just the patients’ medical history. The reasonable price of MozyPro has allowed us to back up other aspects of our business that will help us get going again if anything ever happens.

Managing the manual tape backups of 16 remote facilities was both expensive and time consuming for Gene Goroschko and his team at Physicians Endoscopy. MozyPro has helped them stay HIPAA compliant while saving nearly 90 percent of the cost of their old backup infrastructure and cutting the time spent managing backups in half.

The health care industry has been making a slow and steady push away from paper records and towards digital records for years. Add the Obama administration’s push to digitize health records, and the amount of critical records being stored on computers and servers has skyrocketed.

Gene Goroschko has spent his 20-year career working with computers and technology. He currently employs his expertise as vice president of information systems at Physicians Endoscopy, a company specializing in the development and management of freestanding ambulatory surgery centers.

While Goroschko believes the idea behind the digital records movement is good, he sees potential problems with securely storing so much data. With so much digital information, it has become increasingly important to find a cost-effective backup solution that is easy to manage.

“The attackers are experts,” he said. “Facilities with full-time IT will stand a chance of being successful, but practices and smaller facilities without real technical support will be walking into a minefield.”

Goroschko and his team face a similar problem managing the backups of Physician Endoscopy’s 16 facilities from its corporate Pennsylvania office. The company used manual tape backups that were taken off-site to comply with HIPAA’s off-site data storage requirement. However, the centers range from northwest Washington to southeast Florida, and not all of them employ IT personnel.

“It took a good part of our day to manage all of the backups,” Goroschko said. “And there was a liability in holding the tapes. If anything ever happened to them, our patients’ information would be out there.”

With tape drives ranging from three to five thousand dollars, having at least one drive in each location was also expensive. Then there was the training and IT resources required to begin backing up their files. As internet speeds began to increase, Physicians Endoscopy turned to online backup. They decided on MozyPro and have been using it since 2007.

“The pricing was so good that we decided to give it a try,” Goroschko said. “It was obvious MozyPro was going to save us money.” MozyPro has helped Physicians Endoscopy stay HIPAA compliant and back up its data off-site at a lower cost and with more features than their manual tape backup. With MozyPro, they are able to save nearly 90 percent of the cost of their previous backup method.

MozyPro has since been rolled out in each Physicians Endoscopy location. The service allows Goroschko to create sub-administrators for each facility, and an intuitive web interface allows him to monitor the backups of all remote centers from one window. MozyPro also sends an e-mail to all the sub-administrators to notify them of their backup status.

Of all the features MozyPro offers Goroschko and his team, the ability to restore files that would otherwise be lost is by far the most crucial.

“All of the test restores we’ve performed have run smoothly. Not one has failed,” Goroschko said. “We’re confident Mozy will be able to recover our data if anything ever happens.”

In addition to being lighter on Physicians Endoscopy’s pockets, MozyPro has also helped Goroschko and his team save valuable hours each week, allowing them to work on the company’s strategic initiatives.

“Ten percent of each day used to be spent managing the backups,” Goroschko said. “After switching to MozyPro, that number has been cut in half.”

Aside from the information Physicians Endoscopy is required to keep off-site, the company also uses MozyPro to back up financial records and its e-mail database.

“Our emergency recovery plan requires more than just the patients’ medical history,” Goroschko said. “The reasonable price of MozyPro has allowed us to back up other aspects of our business that will help us get going again if anything ever happens.”

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