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Specializing in personal injury, wrongful death, and employment claims, Seattle's Premier Law Group puts the needs of its clients first. That doesn't leave much time for managing external backup drives for its main data and email server—which put the firm in a bit of a bind when that server crashed. "We realized that at the end of the day, a backup is only as good as how often you swap out the drives," says managing partner Jason Epstein.

Premier Law Group rebuilt its server from the incomplete backup drives, but the process was painful and the results incomplete. Both the Exchange mail server and company database lost records, and the restoration process proved a distraction and a drain on resources. "As a law office, the gigabytes and gigabytes of data on our file server is our commodity," he says. "We lost at least a week's work from the external drives, and spent a lot of time down. We needed a solution that would be reliable and easy to manage."

The company briefly considered adopting a more formal on-premise tape backup system, but the manual effort involved introduced the same potential for headaches and data loss as the external backup drives. Epstein concluded that on-premise backup was not the answer when a radio ad alerted him to the concept of secure cloud backup. After researching options, he quickly decided that MozyPro was the right choice for Premier Law Group.

MozyPro now provides complete backup of Premier Law Group's database and email server. Because Mozy offers secure, encrypted file storage, Premier Law Group's client files remain private and confidential in the cloud. Because the backup process is automated, the firm's 10 professionals can focus on client service instead of IT management.

Now in his fourth year as a MozyPro customer, Epstein has every confidence in the protection of his firm's crucial data. "MozyPro is less expensive than tape backup and has provided us with spot-on customer service," he says. "I would recommend MozyPro to anyone looking for a backup solution easier than tapes or disk swaps."