“In the event the bad guys do strike, Mozy has your back. Every time we’ve needed to restore with Mozy, the service has worked perfectly.”

Reseller uses Mozy to take the backup responsibility out of customers’ hands and into the cloud

“Mozy is one service I know I can count on,” says Michael Jehnichen, president and senior network engineer at Computer Guy Technologies.

CGT provides hardware, software, and IT security services to companies in the area. “We strive to be a one-stop shop for our business customers here in Coure d’Alene and Sandpoint [Idaho].”

Since becoming a Mozy partner in 2009, Michael and team have grown into a healthy backup footprint while relying on the Mozy service for cloud-based endpoint protection. “At CGT, most of the data we back up for our customers resides on small servers. That said, we also use Mozy for desktop and laptop protection.”

Michael has been in the IT services industry for more than 20 years and has seen a lot change in a relatively short amount of time, especially when it comes to protecting and backing up business-critical data. “When I started in the industry we were backing up data to tapes, which was a very labor intensive manual process,” he recalls. “Today, we are using Mozy to take the backup responsibility out of our customers’ hands and into the cloud.”

Do you know if you are really backing up your data?

For CGT, Mozy’s reporting capabilities are a particularly important feature of the service. “We have had customers that think they are backing up, but in reality they might not be,” Michael says. “Mozy’s reporting tool lets us know who has completed their backups and who has not.”

Ransomware threat continues to grow

Like many IT professionals, Michael is very concerned about the increase in ransomware outbreaks in recent years. “I have seen a massive uptick in ransomware attacks,” he says, adding that educating end users is key to decreasing the risks of cybercrime. “Through end-user education we can help combat ransomware by discouraging users from clicking on suspicious links. That said, you need to have an offsite copy of your data in the event the bad guys are successful.”

Michael recalls a recent malware incident in which one of his clients was affected by a ransomware attack. “Fortunately, this particular client was backed up on the MozyPro service when they needed it most,” he says. “A commercial plumbing contractor called us saying that they couldn’t access their email and that all of their files were locked. Once the security breach was located and eradicated, we began the disaster recovery process and had them back up and running in under three hours.”

Not only did Mozy have the plumbing company quickly back up and running, Mozy saved the client from having to pay the $50,000 ransom that had been demanded by the hackers.

How do you reduce the threat of a ransomware disaster?

“Through end-user education and best practices we can help reduce the chance of a ransomware disaster,” Michael says. “In the event the bad guys do strike, Mozy has your back. Every time we’ve needed to restore with Mozy, the service has worked perfectly.”

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