It’s fully affordable and allows for a prescribed amount of storage space so I can use Mozy on a pay-as-I-go basis.

Dr. Wayne T. Faber, an associate professor and dentist of 37 years, has completed extensive continuing education courses concerning the computerization and digitalization of health care. Believing this to be the way of the future, he didn’t hesitate to turn his entire New Jersey office paperless, but only with the assurance of secure online backup through MozyPro.

With President Obama allocating $19 billion of the stimulus package to digitize all medical records by 2014, Dr. Wayne Faber is ahead of the curve. As an associate professor at nearby Bergen Community College, Dr. Faber and his colleagues are strong proponents of the paperless movement and believe it’s a mandatory component of keeping patient data safe and reducing impact on the environment.

In mid 2008 Dr. Faber continued his pioneering efforts in the field of dentistry by turning his entire Tenafly, New Jersey office digital. Tenafly Dental is now one of five percent of dental offices across the country that operates paper free. Everything in Dr. Faber’s practice is scanned in, and all information and records are kept on computers, taking the dental industry one step closer to becoming a secure, environmentally-friendly industry.

Yet having experienced water spills from above-office suites and the ever-constant threat of other physical damage or human error, Dr. Faber knew he needed to safeguard his data.

“I previously backed up to a tape drive and in 15 years had three instances of massive data loss,” Dr. Faber said. “While we eventually recovered the data, this was unacceptable and cost us a large amount of time and money.”

When IT personnel recommended online backup through MozyPro, Dr. Faber immediately backed up his entire office; everything from his personal checkbook to patient information and X-rays is securely backed up with MozyPro.

“I knew online backup would be trustworthy and worry free,” Dr. Faber said. “It would be there every day, it would never fail, and I wouldn’t have to remember to use a hard drive or tape component. It would be automatic.”

The encryption technology and secure transfer employed by MozyPro is an important feature for Dr. Faber. He feels more at ease knowing data is encrypted at his computer before being sent to Decho’s data centers.

“The data encryption is extremely valuable to me,” Dr. Faber said. “Patient records are sensitive, and I wanted them securely backed up over the internet. I see approximately 100 patients each week, so Mozy’s encryption is an added safeguard.”

Dr. Faber needs to know his data is protected and secure. Feeling confident that his data is backed up every night off-site and being able to retrieve it in an instant is important.

Not only is Dr. Faber’s office ahead of the curve and using less paper, but it is also cutting costs. The affordability and ease of MozyPro—especially during these tough economic times—are two features that were essential for Dr. Faber. In fact, Dr. Faber has realized a 97 percent savings in backup costs by switching to MozyPro.

“It’s fully affordable and allows for a prescribed amount of storage space so I can use Mozy on a pay-as-I-go basis,” Dr. Faber said. “Plus deploying Mozy was simple and basic; it didn’t take up valuable time.”

With a more efficient and paperless office, Dr. Faber has confidence that his business data is more secure than ever, which means his patients’ valuable medical records are, too. And Dr. Faber can enjoy the added peace of mind that, should digital healthcare be mandated five years from now, he will be prepared as his patients’ records are already secure.

“This is a major initiative that will make patient records safer and enable them to be transferred more easily,” Dr. Faber said. “Mozy makes it easier for medical records to be fool proof and indestructible; it is a mandatory component of keeping data and patient information safe.”

About Tenafly Dental Associates

Tenafly Dental is a general dental practice with a full array of services. Located in Tenafly, New Jersey, the practice actively restores dental implants, and performs laser dentistry and many cosmetic smile makeovers. Believing silver and gold fillings to be yesterday’s style, Tenafly Dental does almost all fillings in white ceramic.