Mozy is a good combination of price and performance. As we grow, MozyPro allows us to easily add more storage.

Joining TGaS Advisors a few years after its launch landed Peter Bittinger the important task of finding a scalable backup solution with minimal upfront costs. MozyPro has helped TGaS Advisors restore data from a lost laptop while helping the company save over 80 percent of the cost it would have incurred to manage its own backup solution.

TGaS Advisors knows the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2003, they have been helping pharmaceutical companies answer the question, “How do other pharmaceutical companies do it?”

In 2006, Peter Bittinger joined the TGaS Advisors team as the vice president of information systems and analytics. Over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry have helped Bittinger manage the IT infrastructure and operations of TGaS Advisors. Before his arrival, employees were encouraged to copy critical files to DVDs, and desktops were synced to a USB hard drive which was stored up off-site.

“That’s not the sort of ad hoc backup solution you want,” Bittinger said. “We really had no formal backup strategy.”

Having joined the company a few years after its inception, Bittinger did not have a large IT budget to invest in the hardware and man hours required to manage a reliable backup strategy. After adding the price of hardware, software, and IT management, the upfront cost of a backup solution made the option unreasonable.

Bittinger also had to consider the fact that TGaS Advisors employees are frequently sent all over the U.S. to meet with clients. Online backup became an attractive option by allowing employees to safely and securely back up their data from anywhere with Internet access. The minimal upfront costs and ability to monitor the backups of the company’s laptops and desktops prompted TGaS Advisors to sign up with MozyPro.

During one business trip, a company laptop with 13 GB of working documents and email messages disappeared at an airport. The lost laptop joined over 600,000 machines that are reported lost at U.S. airports each year, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute in June 2008.

Fortunately, TGaS Advisors has been using MozyPro to back up employee laptops since the beginning of 2008. The night before the computer was lost, MozyPro automatically backed up all of the files that were changed that day, saving an encrypted copy in Decho’s remote data centers.

Bittinger was able to download the lost laptop’s data onto a new machine that evening. When the employee returned to the office the new laptop was waiting with all 13 GBs successfully restored onto it.

“Backup is an insurance policy,” he said. “Sometimes you need it—especially in this case. I was glad we had Mozy.”

Since signing up with MozyPro, TGaS Advisors has seen significant growth in its business. When the number of computers TGaS Advisors needed backed up more than doubled, MozyPro made it simple to add licenses and storage space.

“Mozy is a good combination of price and performance,” Bittinger said. “As we grow, MozyPro allows us to easily add more space.” Today, MozyPro backs up employee laptops, desktops, and the company server. By deploying Mozy, TGaS Advisors has been able to save over 80 percent of the cost of implementing its own backup strategy.

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