Originally chartered in 1969, Tennessee Employees Credit Union (TNECU) of Nashville, Tennessee serves members not only in the 95 counties within state, but 34 other states nationwide and the United Kingdom. TNECU runs a lean operation with just six employees, so finding solutions that are both highly reliable and low-maintenance is a top priority. When the credit union took a critical look at its previous backup system—a hodgepodge of tape and optical media drives—it concluded their approach was accomplishing little but wasting a lot of time. "Between the fragile media, the slow speeds and the difficulty restoring from tape, there were years when we really did not have any backup at all," says Mr. Richard A. Beswick, TNECU Operations Manager.

Mr. Beswick knew TNECU needed to establish a reliable backup solution and keep overhead to a minimum. "We have six people in a small office—we do not have the privilege of dedicating one person to maintaining IT systems and backups," he says. "When we found MozyPro, it was the perfect fit. The price per gigabyte is phenomenal, and data is backed up without any manual button being pushed."

By adopting MozyPro, TNECU was able to quickly deploy safe, reliable backup to all of its machines, without creating additional administrative headaches. All Mr. Beswick has to do is browse the daily report sent to his inbox to verify that all machines are current with their backup. If a file fails to back up, he can quickly see why it failed and rectify the situation. And because the MozyPro application is self-updating, TNECU always benefits from the latest and greatest technology available. "I never have to worry about staying up-to-date with software cycles, and if I have need to contact Mozy support I have always been treated like a human being," he says.

MozyPro's flexibility has been a key part of its rapid and successful adoption at TNECU. The credit union takes advantage of the ability to selectively omit certain files and file types from backup, and also leverages the optional on-premise disk backup. "MozyPro covers our disaster recovery perfectly as we feel confident in taking advantage of both the cloud and in-house backup system, and because Mozy is part of the EMC family offering military-grade encryption, there have been no compliance issues," Mr. Beswick says.

TNECU has suffered no major data loss since implementing MozyPro, but the occasional file restoration has all gone according to plan, giving the financial institution tremendous convenience and peace of mind. "The best part about Mozy is, I don't know it's there," Mr. Beswick says. "It's one of the things we pay for and hope we never have the need to use."